I specialize in social media graphics, email marketing, in-store signage, sales and pitch decks, and other types of creative print and digital marketing collateral specifically in the retail, food service and beauty / fashion industries. For more samples or information, please email a.childs07@gmail.com.

Student Work

Stunna Unveil.png


Digital Imaging

Assignment: For this assignment, you will create a six images in photoshop using a combination of six composite techniques: superimposing, Inset, Progressive Sequence, Rhythmic Overlapping, Triptych, and Diptych. This is a social media ad announcing a new shade of lipstick. I used superimposing, progressive sequencing and insetting to creating this image.

Design Process: As a very active company on social media, I sourced these images from the company’s Instagram. I wanted to place the emphasis on Rihanna, I placed her front and center with models cascading behind her. I didn’t have the exact typeface the company used, but I used a similar typeface (Baron Neue). Originally, I had multiple small bottles lining the bottom of the image, but decided one large bottom also emphasized the shape of the bottle.

Didot Poster (website)-03.png

Class: Typography

Assignment: Research a typeface and the typographer who created it. Showcase the typeface (along with history and design) in a poster. Poster should be stylized to match the typeface. Didot was created in 1781, but is currently used as the typeface for the cover of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. This poster was created to look like a magazine spread in honor of that fact.

Design process: After learning that Didot is the Vogue masthead typeface, I decided to use fashion magazine design as inspiration. I used a recent Vogue magazine image for colors. I aligned the middle “d” with the image frame, caption and paragraph indent and the “est. 1781” with the bottom of the image frame.


Class: Digital Imaging

Acting as an ad agency, create a composite sketch based a the word and phrase from a partner. This assignment includes the use of custom brushes, color adjustments, creative problem solving for image production, and problem-solving for image quality and sources. You will incorporate custom brushes and use color correction to create a cohesive composition that is interesting and supports the written statement.

Design Process: My partner’s word was: food, which gives her energy. I choose to incorporate healthy foods, bright colors, and repeating, interacting layers to emphasis the theme of energy. 7 images, layer styles and a clipping mask were used to make this composite.


Class: Computer Illustration

Assignment: Create an clear illustration of an animal in a simple, economized version that conveys the animal form with clarity. I took this assignment and made four UI icons.

Design Process: I used simple lines and color to simplistically express peacock. The submitted image was the upper right. The circle and color gradient represents the open peacock feathers. The gradient reminded me of trending UI and app design and I further developed the design.

Professional Work

Client: Remedy Podcast

Item: A series of Social Media Graphics to promote Christian ideals and woman's empowerment for this faith based podcast hosted by three women.

Coke Ad Avanti.jpg

Client: Monumental Markets

Item: An on-screen holiday promotion displayed in Monumental’s top tier clients.

Cash Flyer 2-02.png

Client: Monumental Markets

Item: A market sign informing clients to not leave cash on the checkout kiosk, but rather load the money onto a loyalty card and use that instead:

Design Process: Started with custom illustrations of the bill in a no sign, bill, loyalty card, arrow and robber icon to convey the point visually as well as written. The subheading is aligned with the edge of the bill and card icon and the bottom of middle green. Brand colors and fonts were used.

MM Newsletter Dec - updated.jpg

Client: Monumental Markets

Item: A mock-up for a quarterly newsletter to be sent to over 400 clients in the Washington, D.C. and Baltimore metro areas.