From a young age I’ve always been creative and loved expressing that creativity through fashion. Around 12 I started to gravitate towards the vast world of accessories. A simple look could be glammed up or down with earrings, shoes, belts, you named it. And that’s when the DIY bug hit me. I spent the next several years DIYing various items for myself and others.

I tinkered with the idea of creating handmade clay earrings as early as 2012, but nothing really came from it. Fast forward to 2019 and a sudden jolt of inspiration hit me during a random Pinterest session. “I can do this.” I spent hours and hours over months and months researching and playing around before even telling anyone what I was doing. 

With the support of some fellow makers, I teased a launch video of some random handmade creations on social media. I thought, “maybe I’ll make 10 or so one-off pairs. Earn some extra money.” But I was wrong. God told me to THINK BIGGER! 

The response to just that sneak peak was far greater than I imagined. I had to take a week off to meet the demand and even then, I sold out!

And here I am, 100+ sales later.

Each item is hand crafted by me. That’s right I make all of the beads by hand y’all. So each pair is special, delicate and made with black girl magic! I hope you enjoy!

Antoinette Childs, Designer