12 Reasons To Travel To Bermuda

I might be a bit biased here because I’m half-Bermudian, but I do believe that Bermuda is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. And if you don’t agree with me, you’ve clearly never been. And if you never been, it’s time to go. Then you can agree with me. ^_^ Grab your passport and sunblock and get ready for amazing hospitality and beautiful sites!

Here are 12 reasons to travel to Bermuda.

1) Pink Sand Beaches

Source: http://tropixtraveler.com/

You’ve seen white sand, dirty sand, sand sand. But now, it’s time to grow up and see real sand; pink sand! Yes, the pink pieces are the crushed up remains dead sea animals and the nearby coral reefs, but whatever its pretty!

2) Location, location, location


For my American travelers, especially on the East Coast, Bermuda is located only about 600 miles off the coast of the Carolinas. And it only takes about two hours to travel from DC to the island’s only airport.

3) Money, Money, Money

Source: Will’s Online World Paper Money Gallery

Also for my American travelers, the American dollar is accepted and worth the same as a Bermudian dollar so there is no neeed to change money. However, Bermudian money is waaaaay prettier than our boring dollar.

4) Low pollution

Source: BerNews.com

Because the residents actually drink the rainwater, the island works hard to remain as low pollution as possible. Resulting in crystal clear water you can actually swim and fish in.

5) Food…

Source: TripAdvisor.com

Minus the one KFC in the capital, there are no fast food options on the island. So say bye bye to your flash fried pink paste burgers from McDonald and try an authentic Bermudian fish sandwich. If it’s not the best sandwich you’ve ever had, you obviously do not enjoy happiness. And because of the low pollution, you know the seafood is always at the peak of freshness.

6) …And Drink

Source: barexchange.com

If you are a rum drinker, make sure to have a spare liver ready for your return as the island is home to Gosling’s Rum, the main ingredient of the island’s signature drinks, Dark N’ Stormy and the Rum Sizzle.  If alcohol isn’t your speed, Gosling as makes a potent ginger beer that puts actual ginger roots to shame.

7) Weather

Source: europeanceo.com

As a subtropical island, the weather In Bermuda stays temperate year round. Highs in the dead of winter hover around in the upper 60’s and lows rarely even dipping into the 50’s. The summers can be warm and humid, but the highest ever recorded temperature is 93 degrees. Occasionally, a hurricane hits the island, but as resourceful people, Bermudians get back to normal life very quickly afterward.

8) Bermudian Hospitality

Mr. Happy Man from Matt Morris Films on Vimeo.

And speaking of people, Bermudians are some, if not the absolute nicest people to ever grace the earth ever. Its’s not uncommon for strangers to smile and strike up a long conversation and honking is friendly hello. If you don’t believe me, just watch the above video about Johnny Barnes aka Mr. Happy Man.

9) Colorful Buildings

Source: Instagram.com/Bermuda

You can feast your visual senses on the amazing and colorful architecture found throughout the island. Most buildings have sloped white roofs (that helps collect the rainwater and keep it clean) and have pastel and tropical colored exteriors. And with one of the globe’s highest church per capita rate you’ll see a lot of traditional gothic-style churches decked out in light blue or pink paint.

10) Adventure Sports

Of course, Bermuda has the best of water sports including scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, yachting, fishing, and jet skiing. And if you like jumping off of cliffs into the ocean and still living, apparently (from the video above) Bermuda is a great place for yall to try that out. Just don’t invite me. If you want to relax by knocking some balls around, there’s nothing like 18 holes overlooking those pristine pink sand beaches. So it’s no wonder the PGA holds an Open here every year. Just make sure to wear your Bermuda shorts before hitting the green.

11) Culture

Source: Instagram.com/bermuda

Yes. Technically, Bermuda isn’t located in the physical Caribbean, but the culture is very in line with the rest of West Indian islands. But Bermuda does have several distinct cultural characteristics, such as the Gombey dancers featured above.

12) The Bermuda Triangle Isn’t A Thing

Source: ThinkingOfBermuda.com

Stop being silly. The Bermuda Triangle isn’t a thing. You’re not going to disappear into thin air Amelia Earhart. So says the 60,000 residents and nearly 500,000 visitors a year who are still alive.

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Suits Style: How To Dress Like Jessica Pearson

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The hit TV show Suits returns this week along with its stylish boss Jessica Pearson, played by Gina Torres. And Jessica is the true embodiment of a bossed up chick. And as the managing partner of the fictitious Pearson Spector Litt, New York’s most prestigious law firm, she better be! No doubt a part of her swagger comes from her covetable closet of designer digs.

From Armani to Gucci and of course Christian Louboutin, Jessica has a very edited collection of advanced designer selected. She leans towards a neutral palette of tan, grey and black with the occasional pop of color. But her neutral palette is anything but basic. She likes her elegant details such as crepe ruffles and ruching along her hips and waist, and quality fabrics. And we can not forget her entire wardrobe is tailored to the gawds.

If you are a bossed up chick, or would like to be one, no doubt you’ll gain some inspiration from these Jessica Pearson approved looks!

jessica pearson style guide

Jessica would lean towards this simple Jason Wu shift dress with a twist (literally) and keep it classic with T-strap Louboutins (similar here) and a saffiano leather Prada bag (aptly named the Executive Bag). When Jessica does wear visible jewelry, its really shines like crystal Oscar De La Renta drop earrings and a sleek Movado watch.

Now unless you are really the big boss of a big firm, you probably can’t afford to drop the almost $10K on that outfit. But just because you’re not a boss doesn’t mean you can’t dress like one.

jessica pearson style for less

For the luxe look for less, start with this cream shift dress from H&M with a Jessica Pearson’s signature asymmetric details. And in luxe looking details likes these Adriana Orsini Elevate Pave Crystal Double-Sided Drop Earrings and DKNY crosswalk bangle watch (similar here). Finish off with a Zara tote and classic River Island slingbacks. All for less than the cost of a Prada Bag.

Will you be watching Suits when it returns? You know you’ll be able to find me on Twitter June 24 at 9pm live tweeting the summer premiere! 

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Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts That Aren’t Ugly Ties

father day

I know since you waited until the last minute to buy yo own mama a Mother’s Day gift, you gon be all up in the mall on Saturday tryna buy your dad an ugly tie. And I am here to stop you. Your dad doesn’t need a tie, he doesn’t want another tie and he doesn’t deserve your last minute tie from Macy’s clearance table that doesn’t go with anything he owns. Since I was trying to make you a better child for your mother, I’m holding you to the same standard for your dad.

Here are 10 last minute presents for your dad (that aren’t ugly ties!)

1) Würkin Stiffs RFID Money Clip Wallet – Nordstrom, $60

father day gift wallet

This Italian leather wallet has a built in RFID-blocking technology keeping dad’s money and credit cards safe.

2) McQ by Alexander McQueen 62mm Aviator Sunglasses – Nordstrom, Sale Price: $79.50 (50% off)

alexander mcqueen sunnies fathers day

These McQueen by Alexander McQueen sunnies give a cool spin on and even cooler classic: the ever popular aviators.

3) Lanvin Rose Gold Plated Cufflinks – Mr. Porter, Sale Price: $63 (70% off)

Give dad a bit of luxury with these Lanvin cufflinks, currently a whooping 70% off!

4) Natico 3 Piece Silver Ballpoint Pen Set – jcpenny, Sale Price: $30 (25% off)

Or give luxe for less with this polished looking pen set.

5) Olloclip 4-in-1 Photo Lens for iPhone 6/6 Plus – Amazon, Sale Price: $79 (26% off)

Help dad take better photos with this lens kit that fits over his iphone 6.

6) Sole Society Vegan Leather Weekender – Sole Society, $70

Whether dad’s a vegan or not, he will really appreciate this chic vegan leather weekender bag.

7) The Art of Shaving 4 Elements of the Perfect Shave Unscented Mid-Size Kit – Ulta, $60

Give the gift of the close shave with this travel-ready shaving kit.

8) Nike Men’s Flex Run 2015 Running Sneakers – Macy’s, $70

Upgrade Dad’s shoe game with these simple, yet stylish Nike sneakers.

9) Nike+ SportWatch – Amazon, Sale Price: $150 (11% off)

If your Dad is active, and plans to use his sneakers for running, a Nike+ sports watch is a great way to keep him on track.

10) Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme – Sephora, $67

Ain’t no Saint Laurent without Yves! Your Dad will love the fresh and intriguing scent.

What are you getting your dad for father’s day?

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10 Pairs of Espadrilles That Won’t Make You Look Like a Peasant

I’m not a huge fan of espadrilles. Some see the style as classic, but often the actual espadrille material gets (or comes already) matted, unkempt and dirty looking, which comes off as cheap no matter the price point. Taking into account that these shoes were once reserved for peasants and made out of cheap materials such as jute rope and grass, you probably can see how I can come to this conclusion. But you all enjoy your potato sack peasant shoes okay. *sarcasm font*

However, if the rope part of the espadrilles are wound tightly and neatly enough or if they are colored or used as an accent in a bigger design, I think they can be very summer chic. In fact, the one pair of espadrille I do own (pictured below) has just a thin border of rope around the base of the wedge.

Fun fact, I bought these Fendi wedges for graduation two years ago for $80! Now they retail for $500! To date, this is still my best fashion find.

If you are dead set on wearing espadrilles this summer, here are 1o pairs that won’t make you look like a peasant.

1) Paul Andrews Patmos Espadrille Wedges

paul andrews espadrilles

2) Alexander McQueen Studded Espadrille Wedges

alexander mcqueen espadrilles

3) Pella Moda Oates Crystal Embellished Espadrille Wedge Sandal

pella moda espadrille wedge sandals

4) Valentino Fringe Leather Espadrille Sandal
valentino leather detailed espadrilles

5) Christian Louboutin Cataclou Python-Embossed Studded Platform Red Sole Espadrille

christian loutboutin espadrilles

More fab espadrilles after the break!

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Miami Musts: What To Pack For A Weekend Miami Trip


My trip to Miami is finally coming up! And I will not wait until the last minute to pack. (This may or may not be a lie). I’ll let you know on twitter. Anyway, here a preview of what I’m packing for weekend trip!


1) I don’t what club I’m hitting yet, but I’m finna show out somewhere. This pink Charlotte Russe bodycon dress with mesh back detail is a Miami must!

2) And or course to go with the sexy club dress are sexy heels. I like this Jessica Simpson pair because they are nude (aka my go with everything shoe) and have a fun fringe detail.

3) A crop top is also standard Miami wear. With lows in the upper 70’s and high sometimes reaching to 90 or 100+, this Charlotte Russe white lace top will keep me cool.

4) I love this tulip skirt from Target. It has a cool print, and awesome shape. And most importantly, its light and airy! And its going to pair perfectly with the crop top above.

5) Ok. Okayyyyy. There are sleep shorts. But I don’t care. Styled appropriately, these Target sleep shorts do just fine outside. I may or may not have worn them to last year’s West Indian Day parade. If they can survive there, they can survive anywhere.

For my beach and beauty must have click through!

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