10 Beauty Products You Can Buy For The Price of One Christian Louboutin Lipstick

10 Beauty Items You Can Buy For The PriceIn the world of luxury goods, Christian Louboutin reigns as the king of stilettos. These highly coveted heels, with the iconic red bottoms, can cost nearly $4,000 for special edition releases. So when Louboutin entered into the world of beauty, common sense said these products would be gorgeous, but very, very expensive. About a year ago, Louboutin released a nail polish line, where a .4 oz bottle of polish retails at $50! (And for the insanely rich among us, there is a special crystal encrusted bottle available for purchase at Saks for – you might want to have a seat here – $675.)

Obviously, these products aren’t for the average, or even above average consumer. And these shoppers aren’t buying this for the actual product per se, but for the exclusivity. When Gucci first launched beauty during my Saks days, I had a client buy out the entire stock of one particular product and head back overseas. I forget the product exactly because I was nearly in tears over the commission I making, but she knew was one of the few people in the world to own this product.

So when I heard that Louboutin was releasing a lipstick line, I was prepared for a significant sticker shock. Or so I thought!

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15 Times Marjorie Harvey Slayed Your Life on IG

15 of Marjorie Harvey's Best Instagram Looks Blog

Have you ever seen a woman so sickeningly beautiful, you just had to stop, like all her Instagram pictures and stalk her blog. That woman for me is Marjorie Harvey, wife of TV host and comedian Steve Harvey and editor in chief of TheLadyLovesCouture.com.

I’m not to get into her (or Steve’s) personal stuff, because I am here for the clothes hunny! And Mrs. Harvey has her personal style game set to elegant, refined and rich. She is one of the few women on earth to wear actual couture, real handmade for her in Paris couture. It’s nothing to wake up to a stunning picture of Marjorie posing on a plane in a Tom Ford or strutting around Paris in intricately designed Dior heels.

What drew me into her blog, her IG is the strength of her personal brand. She has a distinct personal style, supported with perfectly shot and masterfully edited photos. She lives her life fabulously no doubt, but she does it in such an honest way, it never comes off as snobby or elitist. In fact, her blog TheLadyLovesCouture.com shows readers how to recreate her high-end looks and lives lavishly on a budget.

As I was planning this post, she was actually the topic discussion in one of my group chats. We all agreed that Marjorie’s life and style is goals on goals on goals! If I ever hit the come-up, you can bet your drugstore makeup, that my closet will look like her’s!

Ok, enough talking! Let’s get into her best Instagram looks!

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My Back to School Reading List

My Back to School + Fall Reading List

I’m rounding out my back to school series with my fall reading list. I read short articles mostly and the occasional long-form essays. But in terms of novel reading, your girl has been slipping since college. In the name of intellectual stimulation and the widening of my world view, I have developed this list of the books I want to read (or re-read) this fall.

Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe: I first “read” this book in high school. And by read I mean, skimmed and googled enough to answer my reading prompts. I kinda remember discussing this book in class, and not quite understanding the novel’s content and, unfortunately losing interest it. I started re-reading it a few months ago and this time actually taking my time to understand what I was reading. And with new experiences behind me (mainly the #BlackLivesMatter movement and having an African boyfriend), understanding the book in turn helped me understand my world just a mor

Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: I know I’m a bit late to this book. Everyone has already read it and everyone already loves it. Besides wanting to read it to be like the cool kids, the topic of the book is something that intrigues. The book examines what is means to be African in different times and spaces. This will certainly challenge my personal view of “blackness” and see “black” experiences through other’s eyes. This book speaks to the vastness of the diaspora and the changes in how blackness is perceived globally.

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Where Your Favorite Blogger Vacationed This Summer While You Were At Work

Where Your Favorite Bloggers Vacationed

While you were toiling away at your soul-numbing job your desk this summer, your favorite bloggers were island hopping and passport stamping all over the world. And the only thing bloggers like more than OOTDs and previewing new products are gorgeous pictures of exotic lands.

Bloggers hit the usual places like Santorini and Thailand, but they also went to some unusual places like Iceland and Australia. Some bloggers like Haus of Color and The Glam and Glitter seem like they permanently live on vacation!

So join me in my wanderlust as we live vicariously through Claire Sulmers, Chiara Ferragni and more.

1) The Fashion Pastry in Thailand


I was definitely getting my life from her IG while Teekay and her bae where lounging around in Dubai and Thailand. You guys know how obsessed I am with Thailand, and I used her pictures to convince my mother I wasn’t crazy for wanting to go there!

2) Haus of Color in Australia

photoGridImage 3

I found Haus of Color through her YouTube channel this winter while trying to remind myself it won’t be cold and snowy forever. Her travel vlogs are seriously epic! My favorite videos are vlogs from Greece, Thailand, and Vietnam. Recently, while everyone is soaking up the summer sun, she headed down under to Australia during their winter!

3) Song of Style in Bermuda

photoGridImage 4

Aimee was one of the first bloggers I ever followed. While I’m sure her life isn’t perfect, it’s perfectly curated on her blog and IG. So of course when Aimee visited my homeland, Bermuda, I was hyped for pictures. And they sure didn’t disappoint.

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Back To School Room Decor for Adults


Photo: Song of Style

Back to school is an exciting time to refresh your room decor. Blank walls are the perfect canvas for expressing your personal style. Even if you aren’t in school, there is a fresh assortment of linens, lamps and wall art ideal for a fall room re-do.

If you are in school and need to decorate a whole dorm room or apartment, focus on pieces that are functional and fashionable. If you aren’t in school and already have the basics, you can focus on buying trendy pieces or investing in timeless decor. Now is the time to shop thanks to all the back to school sales.

It can be as simple as a decorative candles, or an investment piece such as an area rug. When it comes to redecorating, it is all in the details. 

Whether you are decorating a dorm or refreshing your very grown-up pad, here are some great back to school room decor pieces

1) Forever 21 Soul Makes Agate Coaster, $12.00

2) Fringe Stay Wild Small Square Tray, $17.50

3) Forever 21 Gold Triangle Print Jewelry Dish, $8.90

Read the rest at Styleblazer!

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