How to Style Your Brand New Mules

How to Style Mules

Now that you’ve read my post about spring’s hottest shoe trend, the high heeled mule, you might be wondering how to style them. So I’m bringing you three full outfits, revolving around the high heeled mule.

Outfit One (above)

Frame these Rachel Zoe Heels with a simple Topshop midi skirt. The length is trend right and the simplicity allows the focus of the outfit to remain on the shoes. Add in a classy black boatneck sweater from Rowme and a coordinating statement Bar III necklace (on sale at Macy’s). Mix in some much needed spring color with a pale blue Rebecca Minkoff clutch and Topshop watch. Finish off with complementary orange lip, also from Topshop

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Mulin’ Around: Shop Spring’s Hottest Shoe Trend

spring's hottest shoe: rachel zoe mule

These Rachel Zoe mules from Piperlime are a pair of spring mules I can get behind.

I admit I was a bit skeptic about this trend I have to admit. Something about heeled mules scream ‘old lady trying to remain sexy well after her years.’ I just see a retiree shufflin’ around her Florida condo in a pair of furry mules and matching robe spilling her five olive martini. And while some shoes, like these Miu Miu heels, fit that mold, this spring’s offering thankfully include some more modern takes.

But even with these modern takes, some mules still come off as clunky and remind me of my horrible fashion choices in middle school. (So you can see why I am not eager to wear something like these Forever 21 clogs.)

Yes, I admit I am fickle when it comes to this trend. I don’t like the lighter “flip floppy” mules that make me feel like an old lady and I don’t like the clunky mules that make me feel like a fashion illiterate child. But the middle ground mules, intricately designed heels that are basically strappy sandals without a backing, are of great interest to me. Call me Goldilocks; I like things just right.

If you want to get on spring’s hottest shoe, which I suggest you do, you can shop my curated Mavatar cart listed below. Only chic, modern, just right mules ranging from high end to fashion fashion choices. I can’t have you shufflin’ around all spring and summer spilling your martinis. #DontDropThatAlcohol

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The Fancy Friend’s YouTube Videos of The Week

Welcome back to my favorite videos of the week! Let’s get started!

Kawaii Life: Kuala Lumpur Vlog 2013

I’m still on my travel kick, so I’m still checking out tons of travel vlogs. Freaky coincidences here: This youtuber is from Bermuda and her boyfriend looks like my brother!

Carly Cristman: A Morning In My Loft | Carly Cristman

I’m obsessed with Carly, because she’s so open and genuine. Her apartments tours are always so amazing, but this my favorite. Her loft makes me want to cry it’s so perfect! #ApartmentGoals

Jayla Koriyan: College Vlog: The Struggle

Jayla is so cute and sweet and very entertaining. She somehow has me watching a 30min+ vlog about college life on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. It always feels good supporting a young, black creative.

Vagabones Asia: Memories Of Asia -A One Year Travel- GoPro HD

From what I gathered, this young lady spent the past year in Southeast Asia and filmed her time there. This video is wonderfully shot and edited. This is sooooo not helping my wunderlust. Not one bit!

Kid Fury: The Green Experiment [001]

I am an avid listener of The Read and I am sooooo happy Fury is back to making videos! This idea’s brilliance is in itsnsimplicity. Might as well make some coins while filming something yall already gon do anyway. Mama don’t watch this. I warned you.

Tweet me some of your favorite YouTube videos. I’m always looking for new people to watch and follow!

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A Black Girl With A Camera

The sunset from Brooklyn Bridge Park with the Statue of Liberty in the background.

One of my “budding” interests photography. Budding is in quotations because I used to take a lot of photos when I was younger. I had a small point and click Sony camera in high school. But when it stopped working, I just kind of fell off. Throughout college I wanted to pick it back up, but could never afford a camera. Well, at least the kind of camera I wanted. So I kept pushing it off. Then I started blogging. Most of my pictures were taken on my (or my mother’s lol) iphone. And while that was okay I guess, as a visual and artistic person, I am always drawn to good photography. So last Christmas, after wanting and researching for almost two years, my darling, wonderful parents got me the Canon Rebel t3i.

I thought I would be using it primarily to shoot outfits posts or youtube videos (which proves difficult with the poor lighting in my basement apartment.) But I’ve actually been drawn to shoot sights around New York; from strangers at the Met to #BlackLivesMatter protests to sunsets in Brooklyn.  But what good are pictures if no one can see them? So I am compiling my photos on my new tumblr account, Definitely check it out and stay tuned for more photos!

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The Fancy Friend’s YouTube Videos of the Week: Wanderlust Edition

So if you read my post from yesterday or if you follow me on Twitter or IG, you know I randomly got the sudden urge to go to Thailand. So naturally I spent the week watching vlogs and YouTube videos about traveling and Thailand. Here are the ones that gave me the most inspiration.

Travel Noire: TN Challenge: How to Book an International Trip for Under $1k

This video made me realize that travel is really possible. It shows multiple, safe destinations where you can (and want to) travel for under $1,000. Flight, lodging, food and activities for under a grand.

HAUSOFCOLOR: Journey To The Far East: Thailand, Bangkok, Phuket

I spent the better part of the week watching Haus of Color’s beautifully edited travel vlogs. She’s been to Vietnam, Santorini, Dubai and is currently in Morocco.

Mimi Ikonn: Weekend in Buenos Aires | Mimi Ikonn Vlog

Mimi and her husband Alex are so cute! They regularly vlog their travels from Florence to Miami to this vlog about Buenos Aires.


Pro: This video is full of interesting and useful information about Dubai. Con: You have to stomach Piers Morgan for 45 minutes.

FlashMavi: Most Beautiful Islands – Koh Phi Phi Thailand

Now. This isn’t the world’s most exciting video ever. But it gives a good overview of the majesty of the Phi Phi islands in Thailand.

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