3 New Beauty Products I Want To Try in 2016

3 New Products I Want To Try in 2016

It’s 2016 and to the dismay of my wallet, I am still beauty obsessed. New year, same me when it comes to new shiny beauty products. I do keep a list of allll the products I want (just in case a sugar daddy drops out of the sky and wants to buy me things). But typically I only buy a few things off my list. And these three new products… They. Will. Be. MINE! Sugar daddy or not.

1. NYX’s Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipstick


I saw this on IG a while ago and like every other beauty girl on the interwebs… I am obsessed *typically youtuber voice* Now. Do I NEED another nude lipstick? No. Do I NEED another liquid lipstick? Probably not. But in defense of my new addiction… This is a new mousse formula and some of them are in shades I don’t actually own. Okay mom? Geez.. Anywho… They are currently available at NYXcosmetics.com and in select CVS stores (but not yet online), with rumors they are coming to Ulta soon. I have my eye on Embellishment, Exotic and Beauty Mark. You can check out some swatches here.

2. Milani’s Amore Matte Creme


I have been looking everywhere for these freaking lipsticks. For months. And I have not been able to find them. I just want to give Milani my money! But no more! This spring these lipsticks are becoming a part of the permanent collection so I can give Milani the coins I’ve been saving for them. I have my eye on Gorgeous, Fancy and Obsession.

3. Benefit’s The POREfessional: Matte Rescue


I literally just saw this on Ulta this morning. And it’s like Benefit was reading my mind. I’ve been looking for a good mattifying primer and I’m headed to Sephora later to check some out. I have a sample of Benefit’s The Porefessional and I think this sister product will work out great for me. Currently, Matte Rescue is only available at Macy’s, Ulta and (randomly) HSN.

What are some new beauty products do you have your eyes on for the New Year?

xo, The Fancy Friend

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#NoBareLips30 Day 1-10


Normally, I don’t do Instagram challenges or if I do, I can barely make it past 3 days. But that was until the #NoBareLips30 challenge came across my timeline. It was easy enough to follow and I’ve been wanting to add to the brown girl swatches online. (I’ve previously mentioned, how I only buy beauty products I’ve seen on WOC). So this challenged seemed perfect! Shoutout to Keiko Kaveri for starting this challenge and everyone who has been participating! I am loving seeing so many beautiful smiles ladies! Especially from my fellow women of color.

Here are my pictures from the first ten days of the challenge, along with the product info! For my ombre lip lovers, I use either Ellarie’s tutorial or Glam by Meli’s tutorial.

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Day one: 

IMG_6658Ombre lip with Colourpop’s Ellarie Liner with NYX’s soft matte lip cream in Cannes.

Day Two: Favorite Lip Liner

IMG_6677Another slight ombre with my favorite liner MAC’s Nightmoth with Colourpop’s Lychee in the middle.

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How to Remove ALL Your Makeup

How I Remove ALL My Makeup

I rarely wear a full face of makeup (read foundation). Why? I have oily skin and I can get never get it matte. The foundation gets everywhere. But mostly importantly, because it’s a pain in the butt to get all of it off! My skin is pretty decent without foundation. I have some hyperpigmentation under my cheeks, but most days covering it up doesn’t warrant the scrubbing I have to do to uncover it at the end of the day. But on the rare occasion I do wear foundation, I have a few steps to get it allllll off.


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How to Prep Your Lips for A Matte Smile

How to Prep Your Lips Before Using a Matte Liquid Lipstick

If you took a look at my fall makeup haul, you saw that I have a bit of a thing for liquid lipsticks. I have about ten or so liquid lipsticks and I am planning on ordering more. Actually, the first red lipstick I consistently wore was a liquid matte lip. So why do I love them so much? They are easy to apply, usually very pigmented, and long-lasting. And I am hardly the only one in this love affair with liquid lipstick. From beauty supply stores to glossy high-end counters, liquid lipsticks are everywhere as the matte lip craze explodes. (Seriously, what were we doing before matte lips ladies?!)

I’m wearing NYX’s matte lip cream in Cannes. Can who guess who I was for Halloween? ^_^
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My Fall 2015 Makeup Haul


Last week I was having a conversation with this guy about men’s secret love of contouring, weaves, and fake butts. (They swear they don’t, but they lust after women who rock all three.) During the conversation, he said, “I like women like you who don’t wear makeup.” If you know me, you know I made a face (I can’t help it lol), laughed and said, “I wear makeup.” “Wait… you wear makeup?” I fluttered my false eyelashes and grinned with my lacquered lips and said “Yes. I have make-up on now and every other time you’ve seen me.” He looked a bit puzzled and I assured him I still look like myself when I take it off.

At first I felt some kinda way. I’m a beauty blogger! I spend a lot of my disposable income and time on this make-up! This silly man! Why doesn’t he know?! I don’t wake-up with this perfected cat eye bruh! This concealer ain’t bake itself!

Then I did an internal hair flip. I realized my makeup look is soooo natural, the average man can’t even tell. *insert finger painting emoji*

Yes I have on make-up lol
Yes I have on make-up lol

I normally go for a natural look:  slight undereye highlight, natural brows and lashes, thin liner. Normally don’t even wear foundation or eyeshadow. And contour? No sir. Not me. But this fall I have been trying to amp up my look. I finally (kinda) learned how to apply lashes. My lip color game is popping. I’ve even begun drawing my brows in while I’m growing them out. I haven’t spent tooooo much money on makeup this fall, but here is what I’ve hauled over the last few months Continue reading My Fall 2015 Makeup Haul

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