In the age of social media image overload, you need your graphics to stand out - in a good way! I specialize in creating create, elegant designs that elevate your brand. I’d love to lend my innovation and precision to your graphic design needs.

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Professional Work

pearl alert sq mockup.png

Client: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Iota Lambda Omega Chapter

Item: Event flyer for a members reclamation event.

Design Process: Client wanted a bold headline, pearl details and depth to the image. Strategic outer glow and layering effects were added for dimensions. Texture in the background was added to create a tweed-like effect to mesh with the pearl detail for an elegant touch.

cc flyer.png

Client: Columbia Community Church

Item: A marketing flyer to attract parents and child to attend Children’s Church.

Design Process: I started with the church colors of blue and went for an emotional appeal with various pictures of children that represents the ethnic makeup of the church. I invoked fun by using a hand written font, layering text behind images and hand scribbling colorful lines in the bottom half.


Client: Monumental Markets for the

US Department of Education

(Top and bottom image)


Design Process: Top: The client wanted a standout piece in the entrance of the cafeteria that incorporated the existing orange color scheme of the space and the green Monumental brand color. The buzz words were used to invoke a sense of hunger for healthy foods.

Bottom: This was designed to balance the colorful entrance graphic and show off the brand pillars. As well as point to the most important part of the cafeteria, the check out!

gift card mockup.png

Client: Monumental Markets

Item: Holiday themed flyer encouraging customers to gift market gift cards.

Design process: Monumental’s brand colors are green, so they lend easily to be mixed with red for a holiday themed. I wanted to give the flyer a few extra touches to engage the viewers. Aside from the green/red color scheme, the drawn lights and the blurred lights in the background visually communicate the holidays as well. I extruded a rounded rectangles to show people a sort of mock-up of the gift card.

Client: Remedy Podcast

Item: A series of Social Media Graphics to promote Christian ideals and woman's empowerment for this faith based podcast hosted by three women.

Design Process: I used the Remedy’s color palette with feminine script type and bold san serif fonts. Each graphic has movement, alignment and visual hierarchy.

Student Work

Thailand Poster Mockup.png

Class: Design + Layout

Assignment: Using the the supplied collateral (photo, copy and logo), create a layout based on shapes promoting tourism to Thailand.

Design Process: Using triangles, I wanted to bring emphasis to an iconic Thai symbol supplied. To up the visual interest, I used the colors in the provided logo and used the shapes in the letter “V” create movement. Playing off the transparency of the triangles, I used transparency in “thailand” as well.

Didot Poster (website)-03.png

Class: Typography

Assignment: Research a typeface and the typographer who created it. Showcase the typeface (along with history and design) in a poster. Poster should be stylized to match the typeface. Didot was created in 1781, but is currently used as the typeface for the cover of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. This poster was created to look like a magazine spread in honor of that fact.

Design process: After learning that Didot is the Vogue masthead typeface, I decided to use fashion magazine design as inspiration. I used a recent Vogue magazine image for colors. I aligned the middle “d” with the image frame, caption and paragraph indent and the “est. 1781” with the bottom of the image frame.


Class: Digital Imaging

Acting as an ad agency, create a composite sketch based a the word and phrase from a partner. This assignment includes the use of custom brushes, color adjustments, creative problem solving for image production, and problem-solving for image quality and sources. You will incorporate custom brushes and use color correction to create a cohesive composition that is interesting and supports the written statement.

Design Process: My partner’s word was: food, which gives her energy. I choose to incorporate healthy foods, bright colors, and repeating, interacting layers to emphasis the theme of energy. 7 images, layer styles and a clipping mask were used to make this composite.

a4 poster flyer mockup small.png

Class: Computer Illustration

Assignment: Create a poster for the Catocin Colorfest. Include date, location and website. Other details can be included,

Design Process: I paid homage to the original theme of the festival, the change of the leaves during the the fall. But, I also wanted to do a play on colorfest by using unusual colors for leaves. By rotating and change the values of the leaves, I was able to create a sense of movement. Plus - Helvetica!