Yes, Another Fenty Beauty Review

Yes, Another Fenty Beauty Review

By now you’ve seen and read no less than one trillion Fenty Beauty reviews, so thanks for checking mine out. You won’t be disappointed!

I’ve been stanning for this beauty line since the announcement was made earlier this year about the launch. So I *DIED* when I saw Joanne The Scammer’s Instagramz stories of her scamming the launch party and I set my eyes on Trophy Wife, the already ICONIC, shine bright like a DIAMOND yellow gold highlight. After her PR team that, I knew Trophy Wife was the life for me! 

But what wasn’t for me was that 3 am launch time. I knew it was gonna sell out (and be restocked), so I figured I’d just catch the restock whenever that would be. Then I saw Alyssa Ashley’s video from the Fenty Beauty launch party and HUNTY! I set my alarm for 2:45 right then and there.

Of course, it didn’t actually sell out, in store or online so I could have slept but whatever. I actually had a free morning on launch day and I went into the Sephora store. And literally as soon as I walked in, someone asked me if I wanted to try the Fenty face. Foundation, contour, highlight, the works. Yes! Yes. I. Do. 

I wasn’t actually going in for the foundation (I love my Lancome stick), I just wanted to try the contour stick. But after that makeup artist beat my face IT WAS A WRAP! The color match was flawless, the foundation literally felt like second skin, and I looked sooooo good. So ended up with the foundation in 440 and the espresso match stix.

But I had to play a little with the rest of the collection right? Strictly for blogging research purposes!

My fav powder highlights!

My fav powder highlights!

My fav highlight match stix

My fav highlight match stix

Fenty Beauty review time!

I really wanted to try these products out before giving a review. A day or two with one or two applications really isn’t enough for a thorough review in my opinion. So I’ve been testing these out all week!

Fenty Beauty Foundation in 440


First things first, get matched in the store if you can! I’ve seen some terrible mismatches. And I know you have too. And your color may not be what you expected since there are a lot of subtle undertone differences. As far as the oxidization problems, the one time the foundation oxidized on me, I forgot to shake it up before applying.

As for the formula: I am amazed at how good my skin looks wearing this. The first day I tried it, I got a compliment from a complete stranger hours after application. The finish is matte-ish without being drying. I use Hourglass’ matte foundation and that is my holy grail matte (borderline drying) foundation. Fenty is not that. This formula evens you out without the drying spots Hourglass leaves. But you’ll still have to blot sis and use a matte primer and setting spray.

I also wouldn’t call this complete full coverage. Definitely medium to full, buildable. It didn’t completely cover my dark spots and I did have to conceal under my eyes. 

Bottomline: No other formula makes my skin look and feel this luxurious. A steal for $34.

Fenty Beauty Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter in Trophy Wife


I’ve yet to see someone who looks bad in this, from the palest to the richest skintones. If you’re a glamorous bish who lives for dramatic makeup, this is for you. Easily the most pigmented highlighter I’ve ever used. It’s a smooth powder formula that’s very glittery and a very bright yellow tone. (The other powder highlighters are smoother and less glittery and the match stix are more creamy.) Trophy Wife is super easy to over do, so use a *very* light hand and build. (If you are looking for a less glittery, less powdery version of this color try the Blonde match stix). 


Bottomline: If you live for a blinding highlight like I do, get this for your collection and be seen from space! But there are more subtle options available as well.

Fenty Beauty Match Stix Matte Skinstick in Espresso

Graphics Interchange Format (GIF)-F83965888197-1.gif

This is what I actually went to the store to get. So for each foundation range, there are corresponding highlight, contour, and shimmer shades. My contour shade is espresso. I’m not the *best* with contouring, so the contour looked better when I got my makeup done in store than when I did it myself. But I’m going to get there! The contour was sooooo good, I need to recreate it! 

The match stix are cool because the packaging is magnetic, so you can stick them together if you have more than one!

FullSizeRender 40.jpg

Bottomline: This stick is dark enough for us black girls! And if you know what you’re doing, it makes for a very nice contour shade. Very creamy and blendable.

The hype around this beauty line is WARRANTED! The products are phenomenal. Rihanna and her teams did an excellent job with this line and I can not wait to see what else is in store.

How do you feel about Fenty Beauty? What products are you loving?

xoxo Antoinette Childs aka The Fancy Friend

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