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How to (Be) Fly: Three Insta-Ready Summer Travel Outfits

How to (Be) Fly: Three Insta-Ready Summer Travel Outfits

Welcome back to my mini travel series! Now that we got the beauty out of the way, it's time to put together a stylish airport outfit. I’m sure older people have told you over and over how classy air travel used to. How luxurious it was. How people used to get dressed up and “respected” air travel. Now as legroom shrinks and passengers get dragged off planes like rag dolls, things are a bit different. But I personally do like the idea of dressing up (a bit!) for airport travel. I love dressing up for any reason TBH, but it’s something special about dressing for a fun trip! And let's not forget, the airport can be a great place for a cool #OOTD for Instagram. So here is how to put together a fly summer travel outfit ready for the 'gram.

For summer travel, I love a nice, airy dress (so all the examples are gonna be dresses y’all). They will keep you cool at your (hopefully!) warm destination, but you can also layer a sweater or scarf over it to stay warm in a cool airport or plane. However,  I would advise you to say no too long or voluminous outfits. It’s cumbersome traversing airport and destination in them. I wore a maxi dress to The Bahamas early this year, and had soooo much fun walking down the stairs off the plane. *sarcasm font* So, I’d keep it midi length at most without too much flare or fabric.

Dress: H&M // Earrings: SugarFix // Bag: BP // Shoes: Shelly's London

Next, it has to be said. Don’t wear heels in the airport unless you’re Beyonce or Naomi Campbell. If you are tipping and dipping in your heels and your knock-off Neverfull bag, I will snap it and talk about you on twitter. I will. IDC IDC IDC. You can be just as cute in flat sandals and run from gate A1 to F49 without going all noodle legs. For summer travel, slides are the move. They’re easy enough to get on and off for security and make for a comfortable walk. Just make sure the band is far enough back on your foot to hug it closely when you walk. The ones with the band at the front only seem like death traps. To me, the Rihanna Puma slide type sandals (while comfy AF), read too casual. But slimmer, single sole shoes have the right mix of casual and dressy. If you just have to have some height, a flatform, espadrille number is a bit dressy but manageable. Look for classy embellishments to make the really shoe pop. Pearl details, braided elements, even pom poms are great details to look for.

Dress: Topshop (similar here) // Earrings: Kenneth Cole // Bag: Nordstrom // Shoes: Steve Dials

And don’t forget the accessories. Make it cute but be practical. For example, get a bag that zips! One, so nobody can stick their thieving hand in your bag, but also so nothing falls out. From there it’s up to you! I normally go for a big duffel or big tote. You can add color or texture here to really set off a look. Or go simply and chic. I have a black quilted leather duffel that goes with everything! Same rules apply with earrings, you can go for a statement or go subtle. Baubles and statement hoops are an earring way to add flare (but they may get extra wanded so keep that in mind), or you can go for a statement (or simple) hoops or stone drop earrings. But nothing too heavy or that could get caught in something. It hard enough to keep your head up during an early morning or late night flight. And don’t forget we’re going for a classy, dressy look so don’t over do it with the prints and textures. Stick to one or two key pieces and let the other pieces subtly support it.

Dress: Miss Selfridge's (similar here) // Earrings: RACHEL Rachel Roy // Bag: Herschel Supply Co. // Shoes: Sam and Libby

What do you wear when you travel? What tips do you have for summer travel outfits? Stay tuned next week when I talk about how I use social media to plan my trips.

xoxo Antoinette Childs aka The Fancy Friend

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