Beauty Travel Essentials (And How To Pack Them)

Beauty Travel Essentials (And How To Pack Them)

Hi beauties! I’m soooo excited for my big summer vacation. I’m headed to Bermuda for 2.5 weeks! So before my trip, I’m going to write a series of travel posts. First up, of course, is BEAUTY. I’d love to be able to bring *every* beauty item  I own on my trip, but alas… that’s just not realistic. So I do have to pair my items down to just the essentials (and a few wants let’s be real here lol). But what are truly essentials and how do I pack them?! Read on!

For me, I prioritize skincare over makeup items. Normally when I go on vacation, I’m hitting the beach, sightseeing, relaxing, etc. and won’t need much makeup. Now, if I’m going on a girl’s trip and we’re partying then I’ll pack some stuff. But I really like to chill on vacay.

In my TSA bag:

  1. Face Wash

  2. Moisturizer/Sunscreen

  3. Lotion

  4. Toothpaste

  5. Hand Sanitizer

  6. Concealer?

  7. Setting Spray?

  8. Perfume?

  9. Extra Contacts

I hate checking bags in general, and I super hate checking them for short trips. Because if my bag gets lost, I’m pretty much SOL for the whole trip without my stuff. But along with bringing a carry-on instead, comes the pesky TSA 311 rule. In my TSA bag, I’ll normally take: face cleanser, moisturizer/sunscreen, and lotion in small containers (and even contact lens cases to save extra space). And I have a reusable TSA approved bag from Sephora. I’ll buy sunscreen at my destination if it requires it, but typically I’ll bring my own face sunscreen cuz I’m picky about that. And I use bar soap, so that’s easy to carry or get from the hotel.

I have a few ways I like to pack my perfume. Depending on the bottle, you can tuck it away as is in the TSA bag. My small YSL Black Opium bottle works fine for that since it's not completely glass. If you can't risk that (like for my Coco Mademoiselle bottle, all glass), I'll either get a few samples from Sephora / Nordstrom or use a traveling atomizer. I was sent one along time ago and bought a second one from Ulta. Super easy to use, just label them.

afterlight 25.jpeg

For haircare, I try to have my hair in a protective style while I’m away so I don’t have to think about that. And I’ll pack an empty spray bottle. The most I’ve ever traveled with is hair gel and I just put that in a small container. But if you need your full hair care routine with sprays, oils, cream, I’d check that or get that in your destination.

For makeup, I typically choose powder/solids over liquids so I’ll just pack those in my bag. The only makeup products I'll pack are setting spray and liquid concealer. More about how I pack my makeup bag later. (And clearly, my makeup is something I like to keep with me as well.)

Checked Bag:

  1. Full-Size Products

  2. Lotion/ Body Creams / Oils

  3. Hair Care

  4. Sunscreen

  5. Bug Spray

  6. Clarisonic / Konjac Sponge


While I hate checking bags, for this extended family trip, we are sharing a single check bag.  I’m putting all the liquids in the checked bag and praying for the best. I've been using Paula’s Choice system lately, so I'm taking that whole system with me. Cleanser, toner, exfoliant, two moisturizers, eye cream, the works. For a long trip I normally don’t carry my Clarisonic with me to save space. So a good alternative is a konjac sponge. It gives similar levels of manual exfoliation and is much lighter to carry. I’ve been using the DewPuff sponge I received as a PR sample. You can use the DewPuff sponge with or without a cleanser, so you could even skip bringing cleanser with you all together.

I’m also packing regular spray on sunscreen, and maybe Glossier’s Invisible Shield or Supergoop’s spray setting spray. My hair will be in braids and I’ll bring some oil with me for that. Double bag your oils, liquids, creams, or seal them with plastic wrap! I once spilled jojoba oil and hair gel on everything I owned. And that was the last time. And if you are traveling to a Zika affected country, please pack, use and remember to reapply bug spray!

Makeup Bag (Normally in my carry-on)

  1. Stick Foundation

  2. Eyeliner

  3. Lipstick / Liner

  4. Primers

  5. Mascara

  6. Powder Highlighter / Blush

  7. Brow Dip

  8. Brushes / Tools

  9. Shadow Palette (*not an essential for me, but may be for you)

  10. Concealer

  11. Setting Spray

  12. Setting Powder

While I can't *advise* you to test TSA, I’ve yet to have any of my small liquid makeup products tossed when I’ve - ahem - forgotten them. So mascara, liquid lipstick, small tubes of primer, were all fine. As I mentioned before I opt for all powder products over liquids. So switch over to solid or powder foundations, highlighters, blush, concealer, etc.  if you can. I’m bringing my Lancome stick foundation which I * love* and will accommodate my tanner complexion as well.

I’m bringing just the items I *always* use (liner, primer, mascara, etc.)  and three lipstick choices and two blush choices. Which for me, for this very chill trip is probably more than enough. I’m bringing one nude lippie (Trophy Wife by Huda Beauty), one red (Boss Lady by The Lip Bar) and one fuchsia (Sangria by Beauty Bakerie). And I’ll bring one liner: MAC’s chestnut. To remove makeup, I'll bring wipes as well as my makeup eraser instead of micellar water.

Stay tuned next week for cute travel outfits perfect for the airport!


xoxo Antoinette Childs aka The Fancy Friend

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