Gabby Douglas x Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip Review

Gabby Douglas x Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip Review

It’s very few things I’m willing to instantly drop $80 on, no questions asked. The Gabby Douglass x Beauty Bakerie lip whip collaboration was one of those things. I am not joking. I was ready to give them my money from the moment I heard about the collab. I set my alarm for early launch morning and ordered them as most as soon as they dropped! And why was I so eager for this collaboration? It’s because I believe in this company. 

First and foremost the product is amazing and the company is well run. It partners with the right influencers, it’s social presence is popping and its branding is out of this world! Secondly, it’s a black owned business. We constantly give excuses to why we don’t support them. “They charge too much. Bad customer service. The product is whack.” Beauty Bakerie debunks ALL of those stereotypes. So I happily gave them my coins. 

And not to mention this line was a collaboration with THE Gabby Douglass. Yall remember her? The GOLD medal winning Olympian who y’all unfairly dragged for her hair? Well, she has a beauty line now. The ultimate glo up on you fools.

Anywayyyy… Let’s get into this Beauty Bakerie lip whip review.

Ok. So first things first. Beauty Bakerie’s claims to fame is that their lip whips don’t smudge. To the point, their hashtag is #WhatSmudge. Now… Those are big claims. But are absolutely true! Seriously! After swatching the shades, it took me forever to get it off. I tried black soap, micellar water, it started to budge with coconut oil and finally came off with an oil based cleanser.

Now… on the lips are a different story. On the lips it is long lasting no doubt, but certainly not smudge proof. It did last me through 2 hours of talking on the podcast, and dinner and drinks afterward with just a slight transfer.

The formula is drying, but not nearly as much as Colourpop’s. (But is anything that dry?) I put Carmex over it, which does lessen the staying power but saves my lips. Check out my matte lip prep post here.

My favorite color is Sangria, the berry shade. It goes on very pigmented and smoothly. No skips. No flakes. The nudey pink color did skip a bit and was a bit too light on me. 

And if you couldn’t guess from the intro, I give this product and company a glowing recommendation. I’ve worn Sangria several times since getting it and receiving so many compliments! It’s really a great finishing color with just the right amount of pop!

Have you tried any of the Beauty Bakerie lip whips?

How do you like them?



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