Beauty Bakerie's 'Flour' Setting Powder Sells Out In Hours

Beauty Bakerie's 'Flour' Setting Powder Sells Out In Hours

February has been a month full of major wins for black-owned beauty brand Beauty Bakerie. They started off the month announcing a 5 piece lipstick collaboration with 3-time Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas. Then on Friday, they announced they are opening their very first brick and mortar store, which will be located in San Diego. And because three times is a charm, Beauty Bakerie can add a successful product launch to their list of wins! Also on Friday, Beauty Bakerie released their line of setting powder, called ‘Flour.’ (Get it?! Flour. So you can “bake”!) And less than two days later, they were completely sold out of the translucent shade. Talk about a well-received launch!

But if you had your heart set on baking, don’t fret just yet! Beauty Bakerie still has stock available in the brown, pink and yellow ‘Flour’ setting powder. I suggest acting quickly, however. I predict the Bakerie is going to be complete out of Flour soon. And while Flour is the brand’s the latest release they have an entire collection of bakery themed beauty products. And best of all, these sweet treats are vegan and cruelty-free. So while you’re waiting for the translucent 'Flour' setting powder to restock, check out some of Beauty Bakerie’s other good enough to eat treats!

The Lip Whips

In my black owned beauty business post, I mentioned how much I wanted to try out this lipstick. It's so pigmented and long lasting and I am in love. They are famous for the #WhatSmudge tag on Instagram and I need to try them out for myself!


GELato Gel Liners

Make sure to line your eyes with sweet GELato eyeliner. This comes is sweet shades such as EnchantMINT, Belgian Biscotti and Cioccolato.



Beauty Bakerie's packaging is undefeated! Their highlighter in a mini ice cream tub is seriously the most adorable thing ever.


Neapolitan Eyescream Palette

Do yall see the shades in this palette tho?! Tell me that Strawberry, Cocoa Powder and Sliced Almonds aren't everything. Not to mention the incredibly adorable names.


And what's a sweet treat without some sprinkles? Whether you are looking for sprinkle liner, shadow or lip Beauty Bakerie has you covered with several standout shades.


What your's favorite Beauty Bakerie product? Are you going to try out the 'Flour' setting powder?


xoxo Antoinette Childs aka The Fancy Friend

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