Endless Summer Voxbox Review

Endless Summer Voxbox Review

*I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

And endless summer is definitely perfection for me, so I was really excited when Influester sent this over box over. I've received box's from Influenster before, but it's normally a new release of a high-end beauty product, but this time I got a mix of different items. I've been trying these products out over the past two weeks and I'm bringing you my opinions. I hope these give you a warm endless summer feeling!

Numi Turmeric Tea, Jasmine Green Tea, Pu-erh Tea

Turmeric: It's a familiar flavor for curry lovers, but is very strong otherwise. It's not particularly soothing but might pair well with typically curried foods like chicken or rice. It's most appetizing warm, once it got cold I poured it out.

Jasmine Tea: I normally don't like Jasmine green tea, there's always too much Jasmine. But this tea has a soft taste to it so I actually enjoyed drinking it, even lukewarm.

Iron Tek Essential Protein in Vanilla

I don't consume dairy so I didn't try this out. But one of my periscope followers suggested a face or hair mask.

Seche Nail Lacquer in Intrepid and Dry Fast Top Coat

I was really excited to try this brand out because I've heard about it on YouTube and I was not disappointed. I did my own nails (BOTH HANDS!) nearly perfectly which also nearly impossible. The consistency of the polish is great and it went on smoothly and stayed in place. I applied two shades and then put on the top coat. Now... The top coat does smell like you walked into the nail shop during peak hours, but it's a solid top coat. Most other quick drying topcoats are TRASH. They do dry quickly, but my nails chip in all of an hour. This topcoat once again went on smoothly, dried quickly and left a gorgeous sheen and lasted a while without chipping.

Max Factor X Masterpiece Max Liquid Liner and Mascara

I am always biased when it comes to liner and mascara, because I really only enjoy high-end products. I am the Fancy Friend! And my hands down favorite liquid liner is by Stila. And this Max Factor liner just doesn't compare. My main gripe is the tip. If you hold it one way its skinny and the other way it's thick and it drags instead of glides. It does give off a matte finish if that' something you are looking for, but for me it was difficult to apply. The mascara is your run of the mill drugstore mascara. Clean brush with a thin formula. Great for a natural every day eye.

Not Your Mother's Leave-in Conditioner

This wasn't for me. I think my hair and scalp are used to natural products by now. I applied it over night before I washed my hair and thank God because it itched sooooo much. It smelled great and my hair was decently soft, but my thick 4c hair needs a thicker, creamy formula as opposed to this spray on liquid formula.

What products give you an endless summer feeling?

xoxo Antoinette Childs aka The Fancy Friend

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