My Everyday Drugstore Beauty Products

My Everyday Drugstore Beauty Products

I believe that I have a pretty good mix of high and low-end beauty products. I'm pretty particular about my look, so you can gather that I'm pretty particular about my products. Some of my products *have* to be high-end and others I am perfectly okay with spending just a few dollars on. And because I look for quality! These friendly drugstore finds last, have good color payoff and don't seem "cheap" in any way. So let's get into it!

NYX Angel Veil Primer

I've talked about this primer in one of my past posts. And I will continue to sing it's praises. In my opinion, this primer is better than the Hourglass primer at a fraction of the cost. It's mattifying, blurs my skin and holds my concealer in place. I actually got this from BeautyCon a while back and didn't start using it until earlier this year. Now it's a daily part of my beauty routine.

LA Girl Concealer

Everyone swears by this concealer. And for good reason. It applies and sets easily, comes is multiple shades and once again is $3. I have multiple tubes of this in multiple colors (summer and winter shades). And its thick enough to use to use as a light foundation. 

Elf Lip Exfoliator

This is another one of my recent purchases. I've talked about this lip exfoliator in my very popular How to Prep Your Lips for a Matte Smile. Previously, I just used a cloth to exfoliate my lips, but this is actually working much better for me. This is actually leaking into my skincare routine. I exfoliate my lips regularly (even when I don't wear lipstick), then put on Carmex and continue with my skincare regimen. Exfoliate and moisture are the keys to life! Well... at least skincare.

Milani Blush

This is actually the only blush I own. I have a light pink and wine color and that's all I need really. They are very pigmented and easy to apply and blend. Seriously! They blend so well with all the highlighters I use. Like my next product...


Wet n Wild Highlighter in Boozy Brunch

I started using highlighter last year and I do not care about how the trends move, I am wearing this forever! Talk about a glow up. I look so polished with blush and highlighter on and get so many compliments. I've used a variety of products high and low end. But this is my absolutely favorite. You only need to use a few sweeps and it combines with my skin tone so nicely. It's a yellow gold which matches my undertones and gives a dramatic but not over the top glow. And for $6 you get a huge container.


Elf Angled Brush

This is my favorite makeup brush. Hands down. Makeup brushes are items that I don't like to spend a lot on. The most expensive brush I have was around $22 and that can be considered on the low end. But Elf brushes are legit. They are so soft, clean easily, applies like a dream and is *only* $3. Yes. 

What drugstore beauty products do you use every day?

xoxo Antoinette Childs aka The Fancy Friend

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