Fall Shoe Trends ft. Ami Clubwear

Fall Shoe Trends ft. Ami Clubwear

Ami Clubwear reached out to me a few weeks ago and let me pick a few things from their site and I was very impressed with their shoe selection! Per the usual, I *thoroughly* scoured their site and picked out two very on trend pairs of shoes (and a burgundy fleece skirt from their plus size section!) 

I've been obsessed with suede stacked heels boots and lace-up shoes so you know I had to pick those up!

I've been plotting on a pair of suede boots since August. So this was an easy get for me! This pair is nice because they can be worn up or down and they have another very trendy touch - tassels ties. 


These are definitely high heels with a high pitch, but the height of the boot shaft helps stabilize things. But still get some gel pads for the ball of your feet. 

Now let's get into these black lace-up pumps... 

These are seriously the sexiest shoes I own! I put them on and didn't want to take them off. Instant love! I have a decent sized shoe collection, but these just looks soooo perfect on me.  


The pitch on these aren't tooooo bad so while they are 4-inch heels, I'm not wobbling around. And with the suede finish, I'll be able to wear these throughout the fall and winter with tights. 

What shoe trends are you loving for the fall? Thanks to Ami Clubwear for sending out product for this post!

xoxo Antoinette Childs aka The Fancy Friend

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