What Lira Mercer Can Teach You About Personal Branding

I know. I know. I know what yall are thinking. Her? What is she finna teach me about anything? All she does is show off her body... But that's exactly my point. If you know who Lira Mercer is, you have a very defined sense of she is all about. Lira Mercer aka Lira Galore aka Rick Ross's fiancee, has, whether you like it or even agree with it, a solid personal brand: Her curvy body and serious sex appeal.

While it's plenty of girls that flaunt their stuff on the 'gram, very few have 2 million IG followers with only 432 posts. Very few brands, personal or not, have those kinds of numbers. How well is your personal brand stacking up now? So maybe test out these tips from the future Mrs. Ross. You may not get an 11 karat diamond ring out of it, but solid personal brand can help you snag that dream client or business partner.

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She stays in her lane and remains consistent Lira's personal brand is her body. How do we know this? Because she posts pictures of her body. From the front. From the back. From behind. From above. From below. Minus 10 or pictures, every shot on her IG is of her body. She's not selling you lashes. She's not giving out weave tips. And it ain't an inspirational quote in sight. Why? Because she is too busy giving you body. Takeaway: Find your niche and consistently post about your niche topic.

She switches it up Even though Lira consistently gives you body, she knows how to switch it up. One shot, she'll give you body in a bikini. The next she's looking back at it in a club dress. Perhaps the next one is her lounging around the house in leggings. As appealing as her body is to her audience, she recognizes the same poses in the same clothes gets boring. Takeaway: Be creative + keep your content fresh.

She invests in her brand I don't know what *exactly* what surgery she has had, but I know some parts of her body have been "enhanced". (No shade) But since her body is her brand, this is an investment. Additionally, she invests in flattering clothing and her hair, make-up, nails + shoes all round off her image. These investments add to her sex appeal and support her brand. Takeaway: Invest (time, money, etc.) in your brand to get the best return.

She uses the right social media platforms Lira has twitter but isn't very active + her followers pale in comparison to IG. She uses it from time to time but doesn't invest in it as much as IG. Why? Cuz she knows we ain't here to hear her thoughts on $200 dates! What are we here for? You guessed it... her body. Takeaway: Identify the platform(s) that gross(es) you the best return and focus your energy there. If your brand has a visual component, Instagram needs to be one of your staple platforms.

I'm not advocating posting bikini back shots to promote your coaching services or food blog. What I am advocating is to build a personal brand as sexy as Lira's.

*You can see Lira's not so safe for work photos here, cuz I ain't posting them on my blog lol

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