Colourpop Wrist Swatches: Lumiere, Ellarie Pencil and Lychee

Colourpop Wrist Swatches I too have fallen into the colourpop cosmetics craze. I first saw the products on Itsmyrayeraye's channel and then I continued to see them featured around YouTube and Instagram. What made me interested in actually ordering, aside from the price, $5-6 per product, is because they swatch on black girls.

In 2015 when black people spend trillions of dollars on retail and black women consistently spend more of their discretionary than any other race on beauty items specifically, it's hard to imagine how companies can still largely ignore us. I've spent my share of money on ineffective products because they looked good on the white model, just to have them look terrible on me. So I've decided to only buy makeup items I've seen swatched on other brown skin girls.

So I would like to pass on that blessings and swatch some colors I have so that you can make a more informed purchase. (My lip swatches kinds failed here, so I'm just showing wrist swatches.)

I'll be swatching the Colourpop products against other similar make-up items I own. If you have any suggestions, dupes or recommendations, please leave them in comments!

colourpop swatches lychee ellarie lumiere

Check out the swatches after the break!

First up, Colourpop's Lumiere:

I tested this product out on snapchat not too long ago. Colour pop describes this color as "A dusty mauve pink in a matte finish created by the lovely @KathleenLights"


Opening thoughts: It could be more pigmented, it takes a few coats on the lips to become opaque. It's drying so def try a primer. I use MAC's lip primer. And, of course, black girl's use a liner as with any other nude lipstick. I use MAC's nightmoth for a natural ombre look.

By comparison:

Milani's Matte Naked lipstick and NYX's Abu Dhabi liquid lipstick are my go to matte nude lip colors. Lumiere is pinker than both Abu Dhabi and Matte Naked but dries faster than Abu Dhabi. (Matte Naked goes on pretty matte because it's a lipstick as opposed to a liquid lipstick).


FullSizeRender 13On the wrist, Lumiere appears much more pink and Abu Dhabi comes off browner than on the lips.

Next, Colourpop's ellarie liner

FullSizeRender 10

When researching this product, I fell in love with brown girl beauty vlogger Ellarie (after whom this liner is named) and her quick 15 second IG tutorials. A lot of her tutorials featured her product, and she created tons of ombre lip combinations. She also mentioned that her liner was a dupe for nightmoth. As an ombre lip lover and a routine nightmoth user I knew I had to try this out.

Opening thoughts: Ellarie goes on creamer than and is a redder purple than Nightmoth. It's described as blackened violet, but still isn't as blackened as Nightmoth.

By comparison: I wouldn't call this a dupe. They are both dark, vampy shades good for ombre effects, but as mentioned above, they are slightly different colors. And because of its creamer application, it's easier to blend. Ellarie gives a more subtle ombre than Nightmoth. I tend to go more dramatic, so I'll be sticking to Nightmoth. But I think Ellarie can be a good all over, under the lip color liner.


IMG_5289Both are true to color, but I don't normally wear them this dark. I blend them out.

Lastly, Colourpop's Lychee Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick

FullSizeRender 15

I spend a good amount of time on colourpop's website trying to decide whether to get this color or another similar, Grind. I wanted a liquid lipstick, so Lychee won out.

Opening thoughts: Ultra matte is the perfect description for this product. It is super drying. A balm and a primer underneath are musts! It is also super pigmented and goes on like a thin paint. Because it's so thig, I actually spilled some and it got everywhere.

By comparison: So no one expressly told me this was a dupe for MAC's Heroine. It just seemed like it on screen. When you initially apply it, it does look similar, but once it (fiiinally) dries, the color is more neon pink than purple fuschia.


IMG_5267Lychee comes off more purple on the wrist than on the lips.

What do you think of Colourpop? Would you give it a shot?

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