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15 Times Marjorie Harvey Slayed Your Life on IG

15 of Marjorie Harvey's Best Instagram Looks Blog Have you ever seen a woman so sickeningly beautiful, you just had to stop, like all her Instagram pictures and stalk her blog. That woman for me is Marjorie Harvey, wife of TV host and comedian Steve Harvey and editor in chief of TheLadyLovesCouture.com.

I'm not to get into her (or Steve's) personal stuff, because I am here for the clothes hunny! And Mrs. Harvey has her personal style game set to elegant, refined and rich. She is one of the few women on earth to wear actual couture, real handmade for her in Paris couture. It's nothing to wake up to a stunning picture of Marjorie posing on a plane in a Tom Ford or strutting around Paris in intricately designed Dior heels.

What drew me into her blog, her IG is the strength of her personal brand. She has a distinct personal style, supported with perfectly shot and masterfully edited photos. She lives her life fabulously no doubt, but she does it in such an honest way, it never comes off as snobby or elitist. In fact, her blog TheLadyLovesCouture.com shows readers how to recreate her high-end looks and lives lavishly on a budget.

As I was planning this post, she was actually the topic discussion in one of my group chats. We all agreed that Marjorie's life and style is goals on goals on goals! If I ever hit the come-up, you can bet your drugstore makeup, that my closet will look like her's!

Ok, enough talking! Let's get into her best Instagram looks!

More fabulous looks after the break!

You can stalk get inspired by Marjorie's personal IG here and her blog's IG here.

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