Where Your Favorite Blogger Vacationed This Summer While You Were At Work

Where Your Favorite Bloggers Vacationed While you were toiling away at your soul-numbing job your desk this summer, your favorite bloggers were island hopping and passport stamping all over the world. And the only thing bloggers like more than OOTDs and previewing new products are gorgeous pictures of exotic lands.

Bloggers hit the usual places like Santorini and Thailand, but they also went to some unusual places like Iceland and Australia. Some bloggers like Haus of Color and The Glam and Glitter seem like they permanently live on vacation!

So join me in my wanderlust as we live vicariously through Claire Sulmers, Chiara Ferragni and more.

1) The Fashion Pastry in Thailand


I was definitely getting my life from her IG while Teekay and her bae where lounging around in Dubai and Thailand. You guys know how obsessed I am with Thailand, and I used her pictures to convince my mother I wasn't crazy for wanting to go there!

2) Haus of Color in Australia

photoGridImage 3

I found Haus of Color through her YouTube channel this winter while trying to remind myself it won't be cold and snowy forever. Her travel vlogs are seriously epic! My favorite videos are vlogs from Greece, Thailand, and Vietnam. Recently, while everyone is soaking up the summer sun, she headed down under to Australia during their winter!

3) Song of Style in Bermuda

photoGridImage 4

Aimee was one of the first bloggers I ever followed. While I'm sure her life isn't perfect, it's perfectly curated on her blog and IG. So of course when Aimee visited my homeland, Bermuda, I was hyped for pictures. And they sure didn't disappoint.

More vacation envy after the break!

4) Claire Sulmers in Trinidad and Tobago

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Every black fashion guy or gal goes up for Claire! She is the prototype for black bloggers everywhere. But she has made it very clear that she hasn't started from the top and works hard for everything she has. So this trip to Trinidad and Togabo is just another fruit of her labor.

5) Patricia Bright in the Maldives

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Patricia is one of my favorite bloggers from the UK. Another blogger I found on YouTube, Patricia's lifestyle vlogs are so personal and uplifting. She's another blogger that is always on the go with bae, and this summer they hit the oh so exclusive paradise of the Maldives.

6) Mimi Ikonn in Mallorca, Spain

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Mimi and her husband Alex are one of those couples you just love to love. Together, they are very intentional about how they live their lives. They eat organic, don't wear leather, exercise and meditate and travel the world. Mimi was another blogger I found on YouTube during the neverending winter of 2014/15. During this summer vacay, Mimi and Alex hit some small islands off the coast of Mallorca, Spain.

7) The Blonde Salad in Bali, Indonesia

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When you think of million dollar fashion blogging success, you think of Chiara Ferragni of the Blonde Salad. Period. Her personal brand is so strong that now her blog is a legit operation with its own TBS crew. So with all her success, it's no wonder this Italian blogger is flying all over the world to exotic places like Bali.

8) The Glam and Glitter in Ibiza, Spain

photoGridImage 9

This London-based blogger has been living quite a full summer. From Greece to Italy and Ibiza, Spain, you'll never catch Tamara in the same place for long.

9) Jackie Aina in Santorini, Greece

photoGridImage 10

Jackie is my go to brown girl makeup guru on YouTube. As a professional make-up artist, she an advocate for us underrepresented brown girls in the makeup world. And as an a former military gal, she is an avid traveler as you can see from gorgeous pictures from Santorini.

10) Sincerely Jules in Positano, Italy

photoGridImage 11

Technically, Jules Sarinana is LA based, but she really is a global citizen. The coolest feature of Jules' site: her interactive map shows her where she is and had been recently. Picking pictures to feature here was so hard, but I'm really loving her pictures of Positano, Italy. They give a different perspective from what I'm used to seeing.

Bonus: ME!

photoGridImage 12

I traveled to Miami, Florida for my best friend's bachelorette party earlier this summer. We stayed in a gorgeous condo on Biscayne Bay and we hit the strip every night as a suspect a group of 20-somethings to do. And that is all I am at Liberty to discuss.

Did you go on vacation this year? Where did you head?

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