The World's Most Colorful Beaches

The World's Most Colorful Beaches If you've been around here long enough, you know my body might be stuck in a climate with all four seasons, my heart is somewhere lounging on a tropical beach. So while everyone else's focus is on prepping for the fall, I'm still determined to soaking up every last drop of summer. And that means at least one more beach trip, before I have to accept that winter is coming (or move to Thailand). Jk but not really. I hate winter.

My beach trip will probably be local, to an acceptable mid-Atlantic beach. (What can I say Bermuda's beaches have spoiled me!) But my mind is always wandering and lusting over the many beaches I've never experienced. Included are the beaches that combine two of my favorite things: vibrant colors and sandy beaches.

You may think of beaches as just having tan sand, however, there are many beaches globally that have exquisitely colored sand. Ranging from volcanic black to olive green and bleach white, it is truly amazing the beauty our earth possesses. So let's stop talking and take a trip to the world's most colorful beaches.

1) Pink Beach: Harbour Island, Bahamas

Pink sand beach Harbour Island, Bahamas

Just google pink sand beach and you'll find several hits about the Pink Sand Beach on the small Harbour Island in the Bahamas. According to Smithsonian Magazine, the three miles of pink sand on this island are caused by foraminifera, single-celled marine organisms whose red shells mix with the beach's white sand.

2) Vik, Iceland

A far departure from the warm tropical beaches well to its south, this Reddit picture of an Iceland beach in Vik is almost haunting. The black sand is caused by the crushed up volcanic rocks. Interestingly enough, this small beach town is stationed on top of a volcano that erupted almost 100 years (and is speculated to do so again soon). Personally, I'll be leaving this haunted death trap of a beach alone.

3) Hyams Beach, Australia

White sand beach Hyam's Beach

Lots beaches claim to have the purest, whitest sand on earth, but Hyams Beach actually holds the Guinness world record in that category. How did Guinness even come to the conclusion? I have no idea, but this beach is largely unspoilt because of its remote location in a small Australian town of fewer than 300 people.

More colorful beaches after the break!

4) Papakolea, Hawaii

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 9.48.01 PM

Located on Hawaii's big island, you can probably guess why Papkolea is nicknamed the Green Sand Beach! One of four green sand beaches on earth, the green sand is caused by the ocean grinding up a semi-precious, volcanic stone called Olivine. If you are really interested in seeing this natural wonder, you better be prepared for a six-mile roundtrip hike through thick Hawaiian terrain.

5) Pfeiffer Beach, California

This colorful beach is located in the middle of California's Big Sur camping ground. Another remote beach location (see a trend here?), the patches of purple sand are caused by crushed up particles of manganese garnet. Not my kind of beach, however, as the weather can get very chilly.

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