Five Black Women To Follow on Periscope

mediabanner Periscope is a new live streaming app for your phone that has been gaining in popularity over the past few weeks. During the launch of the app, it was primarily used for refrigerators tours (idk either yall). I used Periscope in its infancy to broadcast the unreported side of the Baltimore uprising in April. Footage from inside protests, against police line and from the festivities that were actually going on in the streets. But after the city (kinda) get back to normal, I was having difficulties thinking of regular content to broadcast.

However, much to my enjoyment, that handy dandy #BlackGirlMagic blessed my life right on time. In the recent weeks, periscope has be infiltrated by scores of black women about their business! Coaches, bloggers, entrepreneurs, business women and all around magical black women are taking this app by storm, using it to extend their brands. As these women show, Periscope is an awesome tool to humanize your brand, connect with your audience and demonstrate your expertise on a new platform.  I've received expert business advice, blogging motivation and even had a girl's night kiki about dating, insecurties and self-esteem.

Personally, I'm excited to used Periscope because my readers can get to know me a bit better. If you are on Periscope or thinking about joining, follow me @TheFancyFriend. My fellow blogger boo Jacque Amadi of started a daily periscope challenge #scopedaily and I'm going to try my best to scope regularly this month, if not daily. Admittedly, I am a bit awkward (#TeamAkwardBlackGirl), but I'm looking forward to improving!

My biggest inspiration for getting my Periscope game up are these five black women!

Africa Miranda


I've been following this bright and gorgeous woman elsewhere on the interwebs but interacting with her on Periscope made those interactions feel more personal. Africa (her real name) is so eloquently and sweet and she shuts her trolls down with the style and grace of a queen. Recently, she was open enough to show her haircut during a #SalonScope.

Nicole Walters


I wasn't following Nicole before I saw her periscopes, but I changed that quickly. A fellow Baltimore gal, Nicole is all about making money. She has branded herself as #ScOprah and I'll gladly let her have that title. She is very passionate about her brand and helping you get your coins. If you like making money, you'll love following Nicole.

Mattie James


Mattie was one of the first bloggers I followed when I was starting out. I loved her site and her personal style was clean and varied. Recently, she has begun blogging full time and producing fantastic, consistent and useful content. Her scopes are basically free expert advice about her blog, her business, and her life. She is remarkably open about these topics which makes her incredibly relatable.

Maya Elious


Maya is Mattie's sister and they are truly the blogging and business dream team. Maya has run a successful design agency and is transitioning into full-time coaching. Her scopes help you brand yourself and your business like a boss. Just like Mattie, Maya is very transparent. She publishes monthly income reports and often gets on periscope late at night for her #RobeScope where she scopes in a fuzzy pink robe. Bonus! These sisters get on each other scopes for double the fun.

Kela Walker


Any self-proclaimed "Girly Girl" is a friend of mine! Kela has been my blogger buddy in my head for some time now and I even met her once or twice while I was in New York. Through her snapchat and late night kikis on Periscope, I've gotten to know a lot more about the Kela behind the blog. As an award-winning AND Emmy nominated TV host and producer (with receipts), she gives out mentorship advice, live broadcasts from her fancy pants industry events and opens up about her personal life.

Are you on Periscope? What are you loving about this new app? Who else should I start following?

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