The 15 Best Fashion Moments of The Mindy Project Season 3

Super sad news for all of us The Mindy Project fans.: Fox has stupidly announced it is canceling the show after just three seasons. But we all know that you can’t keep a good woman like Mindy Kaling down. No seriously. She’s not a woman to mess with.

While the hilarious antics of Dr. L and Danny might be leaving primetime, there is hope for the show continuing elsewhere. The Hollywood Reporter reports that “Universal Television [is] now in talks with Hulu for a multiple-season renewal for the Mindy Kaling romantic comedy.” Since much of our binge watching of missed episodes are already done on Hulu, this seems like a great option since Fox has decided to completely break our hearts. So don’t let the overwhelming sense of despair ascend upon your heart quite yet Mindy fans. Let’s see how this all plays out!

If you need a pick me up, check out these 15 great fashion moments from this past season of The Mindy Project.

Every self-respecting newborn needs a Feminist onesie.

If you have to endure morning sickness, you might as well be sick in a cute floral coat.

#RelationshipGoals. Enough said.

*sigh* Why aren't my pajamas as cute as Mindy's

Mindy shows us why we should mix pink and red!

A vibrantly colored, printed dress is a must for taking selfies with nuns.

Never underestimate the slimming value of a good illusion dress!

Mindy isn't one to shy away from mixing prints.

Another sizzling pink 'fit from Mindy.

Now this is how to dress for a stroll along the river with your long distance bae.

If for whatever reason you find me in "nature", I'll be wearing this exact outfit.

Mindy really could teach a master class on pattern mixing.

This pink Chanel bag tucked under a lilac coat, truly speaks to my soul.

Even just lounging around, Mindy looks totally adorable!

Who else can look this fine in a hard hat? No one that's who!

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