Beach Babes: 5 Plus Size Bikini Sets Under $75

5bikinis If you read my blog on Wednesday, you know that I love the beach and I am so excited to be going to Miami in a few weeks. And going to Miami, you knoowwww I have to get my outfits right. But that can be a bit of a challenge. Trying to find a cute two piece bathing suit that's not a tankini, yet that doesn't show all of my - ahem - problem areas, and that's not a million dollars.

For this struggling 23 year old, $100 a piece is a bit much for a swimsuit. Yet that does not mean I will not entertain anything that's ugly! So where does this land me? Searching and scouring the internet for a cute, high waisted bikini that won't break the bank. And if you are in need of the same thing, look no further darling! Here are 5 plus size bikini sets that cost less than $75 a piece.

1) Jessica Simpson Swim Edgy of the Sea

Top: $73

Bottom:  $59

2) Fables by Barrie Merry Mariner Swimsuit

Top: $54

Bottom: $54

3) Forever 21+ Ruched Top and Bottom

Top: $13

Bottom: $13

4) Forever 21+ Botanical Print Swimsuit

Top: $18

Bottom: $16

5) ASOS Contrast Mesh Swimsuit

Top: $33

Bottom: $33

Do you have any other swimsuit suggestions? No. Seriously. If you have some tweeeet me!

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