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spring's hottest shoe: rachel zoe mule

These Rachel Zoe mules from Piperlime are a pair of spring mules I can get behind.

I admit I was a bit skeptic about this trend I have to admit. Something about heeled mules scream 'old lady trying to remain sexy well after her years.' I just see a retiree shufflin' around her Florida condo in a pair of furry mules and matching robe spilling her five olive martini. And while some shoes, like these Miu Miu heels, fit that mold, this spring's offering thankfully include some more modern takes.

But even with these modern takes, some mules still come off as clunky and remind me of my horrible fashion choices in middle school. (So you can see why I am not eager to wear something like these Forever 21 clogs.)

Yes, I admit I am fickle when it comes to this trend. I don't like the lighter "flip floppy" mules that make me feel like an old lady and I don't like the clunky mules that make me feel like a fashion illiterate child. But the middle ground mules, intricately designed heels that are basically strappy sandals without a backing, are of great interest to me. Call me Goldilocks; I like things just right.

If you want to get on spring's hottest shoe, which I suggest you do, you can shop my curated Mavatar cart listed below. Only chic, modern, just right mules ranging from high end to fashion fashion choices. I can't have you shufflin' around all spring and summer spilling your martinis. #DontDropThatAlcohol

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