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The Fancy Friend's WanderLust: Thailand

The Fancy Friend's WanderLust: Thailand


I woke up on Tuesday morning and as normal scrolled through my Instagram feed. I happened upon the picture below on Travel Noire's instagram and I froze. [embed]https://instagram.com/p/zxzSLqKxqf/?modal=true[embed]

Where is this beautiful place, and how can I get there? After digging thru weeks of the instagram posts, I found out that it was from a W hotel in Thailand. So instead of writing, washing clothes or doing anything productive with my life, I spent alllll day researching Thailand. It was something about how the pool met the ocean and how the ocean met the sky that was so... relaxing. I could feel the sun on my wind chapped face and my frozen toes thawing in the warm sand. Suddenly, a tingling feeling overcame my body: Wanderlust. wanderlust I've been out of the country four or five times in my life. Once to Japan, after studying Japanese for three years in middle school, and the rest to Bermuda (where my family is from). However, I haven't been abroad for about 8 years. And for a while that was fine with me. Clearly, I am going to go back to Bermuda to see my family at some point. So there and maybe another Caribbean island was enough travel for me. Then first semester senior year of college, (after hearing the stories of my friend studying abroad in France, Spain and Italy no doubt), I had this uncontrollable urge to go to London. Too bad it was a semester after the cut off time for travel abroad. As a British citizen (because my mother was born in a British territory), I figured if I reeeaaally wanted to, I could work or study in London after undergrad. Maybe country hop while I'm in Europe. And I figured... Eventually I'll travel. Greece. Turks and Caicos. Back to Japan. Brazil. One day I'll make it. (And let me not act like I wasn't saaaalty on Christmas when everybody and they mama got roundtrip tickets to Dubai for $300 and I had precise $0.00 to spare.)

And then... Tuesday. I saw this life ruining picture of an infinity pool in Thailand. And 'one day' suddenly just wasn't good enough. I've seen Thailand in movies and of course Beyonce's instagram. But (despite traveling to Asia before), I had never thought of actually going there. I seemed like a very luxurious adventure that maybe.. one day... I could afford. But after finding out how far the dollar goes there (and actually find reputable, luxury hotels for $65 a night!), Thailand is now number one on my bucket list.

From swimming with elephants...


To colorful floating markets...


And of course breathtaking beaches...


Don't be surprised if you see a vlog from Thailand soon..........


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