3 Hot Trends From Pre-Fall 2015


Now that I've shown you more than 150 of my favorite Pre-Fall 2015 looks, time to get down to trends. What will you be wearing when this hits stores? None of these are super surprises. We've seen sprinklings of these trends before, but they are our in full forces for pre-fall: 70's glam wide leg pants, "normcore" culottes and denim, denim, denim (and not just your average mom jeans)

Wide Leg Pants

Now this isn't a trend for everyone I admit. And personally, its going to take more than a season or two or wide legs pants to get me out of my skinny leg pants. But with the proper styling (which normally includes some sort of heels) it's a very sophisticated look.


Not a fan of these at all. But it seems like this trend is here to stay. Hopefully not for long though. I just don't get them. Whatever.


Aside from casual everyday jeans and chambray shirts, I'm not really into denim. But this season, several designers have been able to elevate the look of this fabric that was originally intended for work gear for miners and construction workers.

What did you like best from the Pre-Fall shows? Make sure to check out my Pre-Fall 2015 Pinterest board for even more looks!

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