Pretty Workout Clothes

pretty workout clothes Raise your hand if losing weight / eating better / working out more / living a more healthful lifestyle is on of your goals for the New Year. It's okay. I'll admit that all of the above are on my to do list. And I'll even admit I haven't seen the inside of a gym in [insert ridiculous number of months]. Buuuuut I have tried to incoporate more excerise in my routine. Walk more and take the train less. But with wind chill dipping to ungodly temperatures and random snow showers, hitting the gym is definitely the better option for me.

Now, while the main purpose of working out isn't to look good in the gym (you want to look good outsiiiide of the gym), IIIIIII am not going anywhere looking raggedy. No oversize camp shirt, no dirty sweatpants and no beat-up sneaker. No sir! Not me!

So what is a fashionable girl to do at the gym? Pretty workout clothes! Duh! And with the rise of the athleisure trend, this task has gotten immensely easier. From these classic black and white Nike sneakers, to these sick printed Alo Yoga leggings and colorblocked tank top, you can check out and shop my pretty workout clothes pick in my Mavatar collection.

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Nike orive women's athletic shoes • Nike • $65.00

Alo Yoga Reflection Active Tank • $60.00

Wear me out racerback yoga tank - women's • $45.00

Alo Yoga Airbrushed Capri Leggings • $72.00

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