What To Wear To Howard's Homecoming: Game Day

gameday The day of the Homecoming Game is very exciting, but to be honest, most of the excitement comes off the field. Someone asked me who we were playing this year, and I had zero idea. Saturday is reserved for showing your out of town friends and family around and catching up with your friends at the tailgates and on the yard. While nalia (can I use that?) is clearly popular on game day, why not try expressing your school spirit in a fashionable way by mixing blue and red prints. Start off with a striped Amour Vert Brigette T-Shirt Dress and mix in a leopard print scarf Betsey Johnson scarf. It's still chilly, so layer on a long, thick cardigan like this one from American Eagle and lined boots like these from Charlotte Russe. Add a bit of fun with a fringe bag from Forever 21 and SAK hoop earrings. Finally finish off with crowd favorite Ruby Woo lipstick.

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Don't Ask Why Open Cardigan • aerie • $49.95

Amour Vert 'Brigette' t-shirt dress • $96.00

Pretty Kitty Infinity • Betsey Johnson • $48.00

M·A·C Lipstick • M·A·C • $16.00

The Sak Small Organic Hoop Earrings • The Sak • $16.80

FOREVER 21 Faux Suede Fringed Crossbody • Forever 21 • $19.90

Floral-Lined Fold-Over Combat Boots • Charlotte Russe • $42.50

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