11 Reasons Why I Cut My Hair


I cut my hair about two weeks ago. It's wasn't spur of the moment. I'm not "going through a phase". I'm not dealing with something traumatic. The New York lifestyle isn't changing me. So before we get into anymore assumptions about my cut, let me give you the 11 reeaallll reasons why I cut my hair.

1) To get more sleep. My straight ends couldn’t hold a curl for very long so I had to retwist nightly. So hypothetically if I got in at 5am, and hypothetically I had a community service at 10am, I’d hypothetically had to spend one of those five hours, not sleeping, but twisting my hair.

2) To style once a week. I co-wash and deep condition once a week, finger coil the top and that’s it! I put on a scarf and go to sleep at night and fluff in the morning.

3) To have more moisturized hair. In addition to co-washing once a week, I only have to moisturize once a week. I use water, Giovanni Direct Leave-In as a moisturizer and seal with jojoba oil, and that’s it. Maybe touch up if I’ve been playing in it.

4) To use less product. I can use an actual dime sized amount of product and it actually be effective.

5) To look super cool. I’ve been obsessed with curly, tapered cuts for soooo long. I was actually going to attempt to cut my own hair because I was fed up, but I let a professional do it.

6) To experiment more with fashion. I never thought I could pull off mirrored sunnies until I got my hair cut. Leather for the fall. Why not? And I also might have a slight scarf addiction.

7) To experiment more with make-up. Now that I have this short cut, I haaaaave to wear make-up. No bare face in public. But that’s also given more reason to experiment with make-up. All those unused tubes of lipstick and blush palettes are finally getting some use. And I am wearing my Becca Cosmetics brush ouuutttt.

8) To get rid of those pesky permed ends. I was transitioning for about 9 months and it was time to give up the permed ends. They were terribly uneven, they never stayed curled and they were ruining my life! I could never get a nicely shaped style with sparse, uneven ends.

9) To giggle at awkward stares. I am the furthest thing from an attention seeker, but these stares I’ve been getting are hilarious. The last time I got these stares I was the only black girl in Pittsburgh. But I wasn’t expecting the stares in New York. I mean, my friends told me about the “big chop stares”, but I am literally the least shocking thing I’ve ever seen in New York. I just smile at surprised old ladies and (non-creepy) men and proceed giggle to myself.

10) To be full natural. One of the reasons I wanted to go natural, was I that wanted to be my authentic self (i.e. to be suupppeerr black). I wanted to have an afro when attending protests or discussing racial divides in America. I wanted an afro when rocking my Ankh earrings or singing negro spirituals in church. Now - I have one.

11) Because I wanted to. I could get into the patriarchal and eurocentric reasons behind society’s preference for women with long straight hair or the incorrect notions that femininity is defined by things like hair length, weight or other physical characteristics. And I could also get into the reasons why I do not care about any of these things. But simply, it’s freely to do something just because you wanted to do it.

*Biggie Voice* And if you don't know, now you know!

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