#NYFW Street Style: Burgundy

If you follow me on instagram, you know that I spent a good majority of New York Fashion Week covering the street style trends at Lincoln Center (the main hub for fashion week shows). Now, don't get me wrong. I throughly enjoy people watching and good, true, creative personal style. But the "street style" at Lincoln Center bordered on too much. I'm all for dressing up for the occasion, but spending all afternoon leaning against walls and strutting from one spot to the other just hoping to be "candidly" photographed, just isn't my cup of tea. I lean more toward everyday street style and seeing how normal people, doing normal things interpret and wear fashion trends. But this post isn't about the posers and attention seekers who "attend" fashion week. There's a Jimmy Kimmel sketch for that. This post is about my favorite color for the fall: burgundy (or sangria as pantone calls it).  And through the posers and terrible outfits, there were some gems at throughout New York during fashion week donning this full-bodied red wine trend.

NYFW-Street-Style-Day-1 ps3

NYFW-Street-Style-Day-5 ps2

NYFW-Street-Style-Day-5 ps

NYFW-Street-Style-Day-5 popsugar

burgundy 2

burgundy 1

And as the iphone owner budding photographer I am, I snapped a few shots myself ^_^

bur1 silentnoise

From presentation to parties, sidewalk to rooftops, I've be WORKING this fashion week, so you should go follow me on instagram for all the fun updates.

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