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My Favs From Altuzarra x Target

Now you know I looooove a good designer collaboration. And Target does it for me every time. This time around Target is uniting yet again with New York based ready-to-wear designer Joseph Altuzarra. Altuzarra was also a part of the Holiday 24 collection where he produced a martini shaker, serving tray and gilded glasses. (My mother and I may or may not have 2 sets each of these glasses between the two of us because we were obsessed with the Holiday 24 collection. May or may not.) Anyway, this new collection launches on September 14th at Target, Target.com and ships internationally through net-a-porter.com. Now... As a sometimes straight size sometimes plus size woman, this collection may or may not fit me. This happened with the Kate Young, Phillip Lim and Peter Pillato collections. Some plus size bloggers are calling for a boycott of Target until they expand the line into plus size. Personally I'm not boycotting Target because I looovveeee it and I shop there for everything. But I do agree these collections should be offered in plus sizes because we are shoppers too. I spend a ton of money at Target. Some times in the plus department, sometimes in the straight size department. Not to mention I've patronized almost every collab since Zac Posen, if only to buy accessories.

Anywhoooo. I'll probably plan a trip home and drag spend quality time shopping with my mother and at least try on a few pieces. Because I've see video from the Phillip Lim debacles at the Targets in New York and I do not have the time. If they fit, Here are the pieces I'll be reaching for:

black thigh slit dress blk dress gold shoulder blk long sleeve pussybow boots flower sweatshirt green flounce snakeskin printed trench red velvet tux pants snakeskin blazer

Will you be standing in line for this collab? Or are you over it?

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