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So I've been natural for about 8 months now and about 3-4 months in I started to look heavily to social media for reinforcing positive messages about my natural hair (since I am the only girl to go natural AFTER, and not during, her time at Howard.) Anyway, one of the sites I found was Joy Adaeze's new natural hair site CurlSistas on IG. I'd been following Joy for a while and I loved her unique style (not to mention she's the turban queen honey). Instant follow. A few weeks later, I saw she was looking for interns for CurlSista in New York. Long story short, got the internship, moved to New York and a few months later she's telling my tale! I hope you all enjoy! photo 1 (3)

/Editor’s Note/ This week, we’ll be doing a very special ‘CurlSista of the Day‘ where we spotlight the Curlsistas Crew- the team that helps keep this awesome site running! Next up, Antoinette- our Social Media intern who joined the team this past May! Thanks for all your continued hard work! xo.Joy.


Name/ Antoinette Childs


Age/ 22


Background/ I’m Caribbean and African-American. I was born in Baltimore, Maryland.


Where do you live? Just moved to NYC.


What do you do? I’m a social media intern for CurlSistas.com. And I contribute to other fashion sites.


How long have you been a natural gal? This is my second time attempting to go natural and I’m 8 months strong.


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