The following is an excerpt from a conversation I had with a guy I met last week:

Him: "If you're free, we can go to brunch next weekend..."
Me: "Yes! I love brunch!"
Him: "Haha. How did I know that..."

Hold up. Hold up. Hold up. Why did he just assuuuuume I loved brunch? Doesn't everyone love brunch?! Then I remembered this VSB post about brunch (mama {uncles, aunts and church members included} don't click this link). Brunch apparently is a "bougie black people" thing. And for whatever reason he just assuummeedd I was a bougie black girl. I haven't even told him I went to Howard yet.

Honestly, we're probably not even going to brunch. For reasons. But it didn't stop me from planning some outfits.

Left: For dressy brunches (weddings, rooftops, day parties, yacht parties, etc.) go for a 70's glam vibe with a flowy maxi dress, chunky platform heels and hoop earrings.
Right: For casual brunches with the girls, try a grown-up version of the graphic tee and flowy fitted pants. Extra points if you go to a French restaurant.

Do you love brunch? What would you wear to a dressy or casual brunch?

*If you want to know if I actually make it to brunch (well with him because I'm surely going to brunch again in the near future with or without him) you should probably follow me on Twitter and Instagram*

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