Cubicle Chic: 3 Style Ideas for Rainy Summer Days

Cubicle Chic- what-to-wear-to-work-summer-rain Dressing in rainy weather can be tricky, but during the summer it’s particularly stressful. Sometimes it’s a cool rain and you might have to break out a sweater. Other days it’s hot, humid and you break out in a sweat. And sometimes you get caught in a soaking, flash thunderstorm that your weather app didn’t warn you about… Ok, so that last one might just be a “me” problem. Anyway, this week’s Cubicle Chic focuses on how to dress for a rainy, summer day.

If you’ve ever struggled with what to wear when it’s hot and raining, check out the outfit ideas below. From cute umbrellas to dainy rain boots, you’ll have no problem getting dressed on a rainy day.

Cubicle Chic: Rainy Day Summer Outfit Umbrella / Rain Boots / Dress / Earrings / Bag

If you’re an effervescent ray of sunshine on even the cloudiest days, why not go for bold accessories? This colorful Target bubble umbrella will keep you dry in the worst rain and can be paired with bright solid pieces like these hot pink rain boots and a bright yellow H&M shoulder bag. You’re all set to brightened everyone’s day.

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