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Pretty Easter Dresses


I absolutely love when Easter’s in April. (And to be totally honest, until I checked my Google calendar yesterday, I totally forgot Easter is in less than two weeks! Guess who didn’t give anything up for Lent.)  It’s (normally) warm enough to wear a new pretty spring dress. And this year there are just may choices; pastels, and florals and maxis oh my! With so many choices and so little time, how will you decide what to wear? Don’t worry fellow procrastinators! I have put together a few of the spring’s trendiest and prettiest dresses just in time for you to make an online order. Because I personally am avoiding the mall the Saturday before Easter!



Pastel Shift / B&W Shift / Floral Shift / Pastel Maxi / B&W Maxi / Floral Maxi  / Pastel Skater / B&W Skater / Floral Skater


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#OOTD: Easter Sunday

You Make Me Blush

You Make Me Blush