3 Ways To Style Colored Tights

3 Ways To Style Colored Tights
As the temperatures along the east coast finally start to cool, I can finally pulled out my tights! If you follow me on twitter, you know of my undying love for Blair Waldorf and her uber girly wardrobe. A staple of which are colored tights! Here are some ways I'd style colored tights for everyday.
1) Similar color family.  Find shades are close to , but still significantly different from the tights. Try repurposing  your favorite summer dress with a colored blazer. Add tan boots for a tougher feel.
2) Complementary colors.  Try picking colors are opposites on the color wheel (purple and yellow, pink/red and green and blue and orange) for an intriguing look. Keep the shades muted (like mustard and wine) to keep from being tooo loud. Keep the rest of the outfit black to focus on the vibrant complementary colors. Be careful with black flats and colored tights. To avoid an elfish look, pair lighter and more saturated color tights with tan shoes. Deeper colors like hunter green, navy and wine look fine with black flats.
3) Analogous colors. If you're not bold enough for complementary colors, try colors that are next to each other on the color wheel (blue and green, blue and purple, etc.) for a less explosive look. (And just try the leopard print flat and wine tights combo. You might like it!)
How do you plan on wearing your fall tights? Printed? Textured perhaps? Tweet me!
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