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Fashion Week Tag

Thanks to my twitter friend and fellow wordpress blogger Sarmistha, I was tagged in this week's Fashion Week tag! So I'm going to answer a few questions based on Fashion Week! Here are my answers to the Fashion Week Tag question and I hope you enjoy reading them:

 1. Have you ever been to a Fashion Show before?

Not in New York, But I did get to work a Lela Rose Charity Fashion Show in DC for my 18th birthday and even meet the designer after the show. Best birthday ever!

2. Which city would you go to and what season?

I'd attend a spring haute couture show in Paris

3. What show would you like to go to?

Favorite haute couture designers are Schiaparelli, Givenchy, Dior and occasionally Chanel.

4. Front Row or Backseat?

Front Row! Hopefully next to Anna Wintour or Eva Chen!

5. If you were able to work at a Fashion Show, who would you rather be – A designer, a model, the press, a VIP, or someone backstage?

VIP! I'd sit front row, meet the designer and do a freelance story for Elle or Harper's Bazaar.

6. Sometimes you can get invites to the after “part-ays”, but you are only allowed to meet one model, one designer and one VIP/celebrity in person. Who would you like to meet?

Model: Chanel Iman

Designer: Tracy Reese

VIP/Celebrity: Michelle Obama (would she even attend a fashion show?)

7. For your Fashion Week trip, you can take 5 items, for example a camera etc. What would be your essentials?

IPhone, Ipad, Roll-up flats, business cards and a pen.

8. And finally, of course the obvious question. What will you wear?

Definitely a dress! Something like this.... (you can click here for more info on the this set)

fashion week tag


Feel free to join in on this week's tag and answer a few questions about Fashion Week!

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