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My 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target Story

Phillip Lim for Target, Phillip Lim Pashli, Phillip Lim Mini Pashli  

ICYMI, I loooooove designer collaborations, especially the ones at Target. They select great designers and great designs. The collaborations are designed to bring fashion to the masses which mean I can normally afford the collection! (as opposed to the H&M collaborations)

My #PhillipLimForTarget experience started online early this morning. My original plan was to make up around 3 and check to see which of the stores around had the leopard shirt and the full size and mini pashli satchels in stock, then go to my local Target around 8 to get them. Then someone on twitter said the pashlis were online only. So I decided to stay up and wait for the launch, stalking the #PhillipLimForTarget hashtag on twitter for updates. I knew as soon as it launched, it would sell out. While the full collection hadn't launched online, certain items were available for order from special links the twitterverse had magically found. For about three hours my and 20573202508 of my closest fashionistas waited and waited for the links to bags to launch. A bit after three I found the bags! (And learned they were in fact being sold in store, so I went to sleep).

My partner-in-crime (aka my mother) and I arrived at Target around 7:45. It was about 12 people in line. It was honestly never a line at this Target before but it as fine. The crowd was jovial. We were talking about the Prabal collection, everything was calm. Until the doors opened. The opening managers seemed a bit perplexed. They didn't understand why there was a swarm of women at their store at 8 am on a Sunday. They opened the doors and quickly stood aside. The first woman in line started running towards the displays (while the rest of us were walking like semi-civilized humans). By the time the rest of us got there. The bag display was empty! She grabbed all the bags. All. The. Bags. Clearly, I was upset. The display wasn't big to begin with, but she took every last bag. I quickly grabbed two leopard sweaters and activate Plan B, head to the next Target.

I arrived around 8:10 to the second Target. Most of the bags were gone, but I did find the mini pashli and dashed off to the next Target in search for the full size pashli. Why run all over kingdom come for a bag you say? I've been looking for a statement black bag for sometime now. Something that stands out but is still elegant. This bag is perfect. Especially for all the fashion interviews I might have coming up. It's the type of bag that pulls together an outfit and elevates your style instantly.

8:30 am. I arrive at the third Target. From the entrance, I only see the taupe (ewww) bags on the display, some satchels and more mini pashlis. I walk over to the display, ready to be disappointed because the other other other Target is far away. I turn the corner and I see it! I lunge towards the display (almost knocking down another girl) and grab onto my new bag with a Vulcan grip. It's the last bag in the store! *praise break* It was meant to be. I was meant to have this bag lol

My mother loved my bags so much, she came home and ordered us herself the medium black satchel and the large carry all bag. Now to get these interviews and give my bag a workout!

What did you score from the 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target collaboration? Did you get what you wanted or was it all sold out? I miiiight be selling my leopard sweaters. Can't decide if I like them or not :/ I'll probably announce it on my twitter so you might want to follow me!

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