The Best Of Spring 2014: New York Fashion Week Edition

As New York fashion wraps up, here are a few of my thoughts. Overall this fashion week was... Drab. I wasn't really that excited and nothing really captivated me. Of course the greats had stellar shows, Oscar, Michael, Donna, Diane, but it was expected greatness and nothing mind blowing. Then there were some downright disappoints (I'm looking at you Rodarte). Didn't you learn from YSL that we're not interested in heroin chic? Picking eight worthy designs from five designers was a bit of a challenge to me. But here they are.
Spring 2014 Tracy Reese
I love Tracy Reese, the woman. Her story is amazing and she truly lets her art speak for her. She keeps her head down and no one trashy wears her clothes. I respect her tremendously as a woman and as a designer. That being said her last two shows needed some better styling and editing. I got what she was trying to say, but it needed more finesse.
Spring 2014 J. Mendel
This was a last minute addition. I've heard of J. Mendel but didn't check the show out until last night. Huge mistake. This might have been my favorite show. Piece after piece was elegant and fun. Choosing just eight pieces to highlight was difficult. Not yet a household name, J. Mendel show beautifully.
Spring 2014 Naeem Khan
Here's another great designer you may have never heard of. It's no surprise I love this collection after raving about Elie Saab and Zuhair Murad. Simple, elegant silhouettes with extreme attention paid to details. Very strong designs with amazing workmanship. Oh and that model in the red dress in the lower left hand corner. She is gorgeous! Hope to see more of her!
Spring 2014 BCBG
Normally a bit too beachy Californian for my taste, I loved the use of mixed florals and patterns in this collection (better than the mixed patterns at Tracy Reese). The draping (as usual) is excellent and the finale dress is grand. A very wearable and sellable collection.
Spring 2914 Kate Spade
Kate Spade is my dream aesthetic. I love the workings of Saab and Murad for special occasions, but for my day to day life, Kate Spade is it. This collection inspired me so much, I applied for 15 fashion jobs in New York! It reminded me of why I love this industry and who I want to (and can be) when I "grow up."
What did you think about New York fashion week? Are you excited about London fashion week?


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