Fall Trends: Fashion Sweats

Matthew Williamson sweatshirt, Brian Litchenburg sweatshirt, River Island skirt, Christopher Kane skirt,
I am just as about anti-sweats as they come. My rules about sweats are as follows: unless you are deathly ill, NO sweats in PUBLIC. Ever. But like my relevaalation about graphic tee I have briefly suspended my rules concerning sweats. Sweatshirts are allowed out the house, when and only when they are stylish, cute and quirky (and preferably fitted). Styling is very important when it comes to this trend. You want to keep your sweatshirt from looking tooo casual. The idea here is a high/low mix. Something traditionally casual mixed with something traditionally dressy/glam.
1) ICYMI, leather is a huge fall trend. The sweatshirt is a high/low mix in itself. A casual fabric like sweatshirt jersey mixed with a more glam fabric like leather. This look an be easily paired with jeans for a everyday class look but I paired it with some mixed fabric leggings for extra umph.
2) Once again. I'm not a fan of overly branded or monogrammed items. But I have a fan of funny or ironic graphics like this sweatshirt. (Ballin instead of Balmain). Keep spirits high buy adding a fun printed skirt.
3) This look is the most fun yet sophisticated outfit (and something I can see Oscar PR Girl wearing!) The embellishment of sweatshirt mixed with the silkiness of the skirt elevates the look from just lounge gear.
4) This is an easy way to sophisticate an outfit without sacrificing comfort or looking overstyled.
5) This might be too much for some during the day, but too much is never too much for me! I'd rock the waxed jeans and sequin for the day, but this can easily transition to night instead.
I love this trend especially for college students and for fashiony offices. Also check out my graphic tee styling tips.

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