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bts seriesBack To School: Class
Alrighty kids! It's time for school again and I'm preparing you for fashion class. Take notes!
1) First up: The summer to fall dress. The first few weeks of school are still a bit warm so a grab a clearance dress that can transition from the summer to fall with a few accessories.
2) While I'm not an advocate for sweatpants, there is a cute way to wear them. For days that are  both warm and cool (at the same times) opt for fitted sweatpants and a graphic/top tee.
3) This dress serves a similar purpose as the first dress but in a chicer fabric and shape. You can take this dress from summer to winter with leggings, sweaters and other layering pieces.
4) Jeans are given for back to school. But trade in an everyday pair of blue jeans for sleek waxed jeans. Pair with a simple top to keep the focus on your pants.
5) If your go to outfit is leggings and an oversized shirt, jazz it up with a cool sweatshirt and detailed leggings. It's just as easy and comfortable and looks great!
What are some of your go to class outfits


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