What to Wear: Mrs. Carter Edition

What to Wear: Mrs. Carter Edition


QueenBee In a perfect world, Beyonce and I would be besties and we'd get our hair done together and I'd always be in the front row of her shows. In real life, I experienced the Mrs. Carter Tour via instagram. Anyway, here are three Mrs. Carter inspired concert looks.End of Time

This is for the nomadic girl  who chases rock stars around Europe. You want to be her. And she knows. She knows.


This is for the girls who like to party. Who isn't afraid of mixing vintage Chanel and H&M.  Who isn't afraid to wear leather in the summer. She'll probably be dancing on her chair, the whole time, right in front of you. And you will deal with it.

DVF Lip clutch, Red Valentino Dress

This is for the girl who like the finer things, (but hates the monograms and visible logos). She's rocking Atwood's while y'all are still on Louboutin's. She's been upgraded. #BowDown.

Have any of you experience the greatness of the Mrs. Carter Show? I'd love to see your pics! Send them to me!


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