An Evening With Celebrity Stylist June Ambrose

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Fearless. Fun. Honest. Aspirational. That's how celebrity stylist June Ambrose's describes her brand. And what a tremendous brand she runs. From styling over 300 music videos to staring in her own reality show to selling a line of shoes on HSN, June has done it all. And is planning to do even more!

I was privileged enough to meet June last October during the Black Retail Action Group's (BRAG) Annual Gala where she was being honored. If  I already wasn't in love enough with this woman, meeting her in real life sealed the deal. June is very authentic. A true business woman who likes to have fun. She took the time out to speak (and dance) with the myriad of college students who idolized her. She exudes fun, fearless, honesty.

Me with June Ambrose at the 2012 BRAG Gala

About two weeks ago I was privileged enough to meet her again at BRAG's June Meet-Up Series (cleverly entitled "June in June") This time was a more intimate setting where June spoke about business. And let me tell you, June is about her business! Currently the CEO of her styling agency, the Mode Squad, June was born in Antigua with that West Indian tenacity and hustle that will get you far in life. When she was still young, her family relocated to the Bronx, New York. While she loved the Bronx, she craved the lights and energy of Manhattan and made it her mission to get there. And made it she did! In addition to the accomplishments I listed above, June has served as Karl Kani's east coast marketing coordinator, penned a best selling style book, was the head stylist for the X-Factor competition show and has probably styled your favorite celebrity. If that wasn't enough, she is planning to add more merchandise to her HSN line, develop her #RockMomChronicles Instagram series and maybe even write a cook book.

One job June left off her resume was motivational speaker. With all of her accomplishments June could easily be arrogant. Yet she is quite the opposite. She is refreshing humble yet magnificently confident; a combination that eludes many public figures. With that combination comes great insight and even greater advice. To the room of mostly college students and young professionals she spoke very frankly: Think like a mogul. Become the CEO of your own brand, using social media as your digital resume. No one can sell you like you, so market your own abilities and be aggressive. Look at opportunities in new ways and never, ever panic. Oh and save, save, save! Get a financial adviser, put into your retirement fund early on in your career and guard your credit. You'll never know when you need it! Keep your inner circle tight, get out and meet people, don't burn your bridge and get people to like you. That's how you get the opportunities. All in all the night was wonderful and just the motivation to start seeing opportunities in new ways. Thanks to BRAG and June Ambrose!

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