Men's Fashion: All-Star Weekend Edition

This weekend was the All Star Basketball Weekend in Houston. And instead of continuing my Year of the Bey celebration by watching Beyonce's interview with Oprah and her HBO Documentary the real All Star Weekend, I was forced to happily watched the Dunk Contest and Three Point Shootout Contest with some friends. While the men in the room, of course were focused on the slam dunk contest and the three point shootout, I was thinking what the players on the sidelines were wearing. Men's fashion is a increasingly profitable business and this weekend basketball stars show they can influence fashion beyond just being the face of a sneaker line. Some men has some hits and some, well, could maybe use a women's point of view. (But to be fair, they were probably all busy watching Beyonce.) Here are a few hits / misses from the sideline. Dwayne Wade and Lebron James


Let's start with Lebron on the right. Lebron James, best known for his luxury hairline hiding headbands, is a stellar basketball player with a lucrative shoe deal and clothing line with Nike, called Heart of A Lion. I personally loved Saturday night's outfit until I realized that his pants were not just regular leather pants, they were $2,000 leather SWEATPANTS! Sweatpants alone make me sad, but leather sweatpants?! I'm not even sure how that works; wearing leather seems to defeat the purpose of wearing sweats. Had the pants have been regular, belted leather pants, this outfit would have been great perfectly outfit. His own Heart of A Lion shirt with leather sleeves are on trend and his white Balenciaga sneakers completed the look well. I just can't get over the leather sweats. The menfolk didn't seem to go for the leather too much, especially not the pants.

Lebron's teammate, D. Wade, followed suit and wore leather as well. He wore regular leather pants, with a blazer, a button-up shirt out of my closet, Slick Rick's gold chain, and black and gold sneakers. Minus the distracting composition notebook print shirt and late 80's chain, I love this outfit as well. Men should really get on this leather trend. A plain black or white button up or a graphic t-shirt would have pulled the outfit together a bit better.

James Harden


James Harden wins. This outfit is perfect. Its not too flashy, not too edgy, not too safe and it really shows his personality. This monochromatic suit fits very well and is light enough not to be too plain, but dark enough to not be too bold. The black and white shoes and bow tie add enough trend and pattern to be interesting, but isn't distracting like Wade's shirt. While this outfit may not work for everyone, it works on Harden.

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