The Early Bird Snags The Prabal Gurung

Image As I previously mentioned, I love mass market designer collaborations. But after the awful not so great Neiman Marcus/Target/CDFA/and my mama #Holiday24 collection the industry was a bit wary of the upcoming Prabal Gurung for Target Collection. The lookbook was beautiful of course, but just two months after being a part of failed #Holiday24 collection, how would this new collection fare? Target did all they could to promote this collection: lovely Valentine's Day themed commercials, a fashion week launch party, launching the day after his RTW show and the day before this ICB show. The true test came Sunday morning around 2:30. I was on my way home and through the sporadic cellular service on the metro, checked out the collection and stock levels. I live very near a Target, so my plan was to wake-up early to grab a few things in store and order anything else I wanted online. Of course, I made a wish list months ago and had to edit it down to what I reeeaaaally wanted: the floral print dress and blazer and the black sandals. Sadly the only thing in stock at my store was the dress, and not even in my size. But I went anyway, just to check.

I woke up early and rolled into Target maybe a minute after it opened. I live in an area where the demand for these items aren't that high. Good because I didn't have to wait in line and it was only a few shoppers, but bad because the selection was limited. I found a floral dress a few sizes too small for me, but I decided to try it on to see how the sizes ran. They ran big, so I ordered a size smaller than I originally planned. And I ordered the shoes, which I read on twitter ran big as well.

Meanwhile... Since the blazer wasn't in stock in my store and sold out online, I sent my mother volunteered to check a few stores to see if they had it. The store she went to didn't have any more and the manager informed her that Target would not be re-stocking. Welp, two out of the three ain't bad. I went back home and fell back asleep content with my excursion. Randomly, my mom called me 30 minutes later with possibly the best news of the week: She found the blazer at another store! Score!

As for the viability of this line, many items sold out online the first day including: the floral blazer, dress and shorts, much of the jewelry, the shirt dress and the blue leather jacket. I've been in a few Targets and the line is very scarce with few sizes left. Not the complete domination of Jason Wu or Missoni, but much better than #Holiday24.

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