Personal Fashion Resolutions

I don't really make New Year's Resolutions. When I feel the need to improve upon something, I start right away, but here are a few things I am doing to improve myself fashion wise: 1) Wear more heels. I love heels, but I tend to go too high, get frustrated and just wear flats. So I'm working on "sensible" everyday heels, 2-3 inches to build up. I have these two pairs of chunky heeled boots I wear almost everyday, but I feel like I'm cheating.

2) Push and further develop my personal style. I am still kind of random in my dressing. I need to refine my style to define my style. My style in my head and the style that I wear are two totally different things. I'd like to be more sophisticated, while still being fun.

3) Buy better pieces. This ties into my previous "resolution", in order to have better personal style I need more versatile and more sophisticated pieces. I want to shop in different places and try new things.

4) Play more with make-up. Maybe it's because of all the "What Not To Wear" I was watching over break, but I do want to take Carmindy's advice and shake up my foundation, liner, mascara, blush and lipstick routine. Change the colors up, add some new brushes, play with shadow again. Nothing ridiculous, just different and playful.

5) Keep this blog up and increase my social media presence. Previously I saw my social media accounts as personal, but now I see how they can be beneficial to me in branding and marketing myself.

Since these are not outrageous "resolutions", I feel that I can accomplish them.

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