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A Day Of Holiday Shopping

Outfit of the Day: Holiday Shopping with Mom picstitch (1)

Sweater: Old Navy $10. Jeans: Target $28. Boots: Payless $20. Trench: Issac Mizrahi for Target (thrifted) $10. Bag: Pierre Balmian (thrifted) $20. Earrings: Forever21 $3.80

Total: $91.80.

I got this sweater last weekend from Old Navy while I was supposed to be buying gifts for my brother. It was so cute and on double sale! The quality isn't the greatest, but I ended up getting for $10. My initial instinct was to pair it with my mint jeans, but they are at school and too short for the winter. I didn't want my outfit to be too dark or monochromatic, so decided against my dark and black wash jeans. I have a pair of oxblood jeans (which I love! They make me feel like a rock star) which complement the deep blue in the sweater. I wanted the polka dots to carry the outfit so I decided against a necklace. I originally was going to wear black black boots, but thought the color combo would be more interesting with a orange based brown. I finished the look with two of favorite thrifting pieces: a classic trench and my absolute favorite bag ever, an atlas map print Pierre Balmain bag. More about my shopping trip after the break!

My mom and I go out to check some more people off our shopping list, but once again shopping for others turning into shopping for myself. In my defense, it is desperately important that I find boots. Because it is the winter... And I have feet! *Confessions of a Shoppaholic voice* I end up in one of my favorite stores to find bargains, Nordstrom Rack. Unfortunately, this is the most unorganized one I've ever experienced. The shoes are not in boxes; not even in pairs! They have one shoe thrown on the shelf and you have to go to a window so they can get the other shoe from the back. This struggle aside, I still continue to look for shoes. You never know what you can find if you don't look. I've searched high and low for a pair of black heeled riding boots. Nothing too scandalous; moderate everyday heel I can wear to work or out during the day. I find a pair of Cole Haan boots, that were obviously way too small for my perfectly normal sized! calves. Next I find a great pair of boots by Sofft. Check them out:


Sadly, once again, my perfectly normal sized calves failed me. *Sigh* But while browsing the depressingly unorganized shelves I find these beauts!:


Just in case you missed this. Red Valentino shoes. $400 Red Valentino shoes. For $60. These heels are the perfect height and if they matched anything in my closet I would currently own them. I wept as I put them back on the shelf. I hope they go to a good home. They deserve it. At the end of a long shopping trip, my mother bought plenty of gifts, and I left the mall empty handed. Guess I'll just have to go again!

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