#Holiday24 To My Surprise

Hello world, So I ended up purchasing the Oscar De La Renta #Holiday24 bag for myself. I was good this year and think I deserve designer goods. I stayed just so happened to be up at 3 am on Dec. 1st and ordered it online. I originally wanted to order it from Neiman Marcus, but shipping at Neiman was $12 as opposed to completely free at Target. I bought it online because I was still sick and didn't want to stand in line at 8 am. I was convinced everything was going to sell out. (And how wrong I ended up.) This time around I was going to get my designer collaboration goods! I had to buy my Missoni cosmetic cases on eBay and I totally missed Jason Wu (I still have dreams about the navy and red dress).

I go to Target yesterday, two days after the line premiered, and there was #Holiday24 items from wall to wall. They looked like they hadn't sold a single thing. Bags, dresses and bar glasses were piled high and spilling off the rafters. There were literally dozens of Oscar bags ready to leap into my arms, and my online order won't arrive until the end of the week. I was still very tempted to buy these:

Tracy Reese Dessert Plates - Set of 4 Brian Atwood Leather GlovesDiane von Furstenberg Yoga MatProenza Schouler iPad Sleeve

(Tracy Reese Plates, Brain Atwood Gloves, DVF Yoga Mat (I don't even do yoga!) and the Proenza Schouler Ipad Case (nor do I yet own an Ipad).) More after the break:

What I find interesting is that the gloves and yoga mats are sold out online at Neiman Marcus and nothing is sold out at Target. Matter of fact, no clothing items are sold out at Neiman Marcus. I am actually really interested in the buying strategies for each retailer. Neiman Marcus has a few items sold out online, while Target is stuffed to the brim. I knew Neiman buys in smaller quantities to appear more exclusive, but I still expected more items to be sold out by now. Overall, the prices for the collection seems more apt for the Neiman Marcus clientele. (I mean a $500 Alice + Olivia bike and $40 Jason Wu ornaments?) This collection, isn't primarily clothing based like the other Target designer collaborations and let designers branch out to other categories: e.g. Brian Atwood gloves and Tory Burch lunchboxes.

The clothing items will probably sell better at Target and the other pieces will sell better at Neiman Marcus. People who shop at Neiman Marcus can afford to buy actual Tracy Reese shirts, Lela Rose dresses and Oscar De La Renta handbags without a collaboration. The Neiman Marcus customer may already own a Derek Lam jacket, they don't own a Derek Lam skateboard, because it didn't existed before now. These non-clothing items are for the person who have everything, and they are generally priced out of range for the Target customer. The $50 Brian Atwood leather gloves are nice, but Target has these studded gloves 20 feet away for $18. The clothing items, however, may have a different appeal to the Target customer. I (an avid Target customer) would normally never be able to afford an Oscar De La Renta bag or Prabal Gurung anything. But with this collection, a Target customer can own a Tracy Reese blouse, Proenza Schouler sweatshirt or a Robert Rodriguez dress. The collection overall is a bit pricey compared to traditional Target items or even their other collaborations. It'll be interesting to see if any items will be left to be marked down. I could really use those gloves at 30% off!

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