Who Is Mademoiselle Antoinette?

I am a twentysomething fashion student looking for a job. Sad but true.  I love fashion and the artistic expression that comes with it. I just want to talk about it all day. Most people don't care Wang going to Balenciaga, Givenchy not showing a couture line or Gap acquiring Intermix. But I sure do! I love French and Italian fashion for their class and sophistication and British fashion for its creativity. While I have visions of tweed jackets, draped silk skirts and lace trenches, I am a victim of my circumstance. A broke college student. While I dress better than the average college student (at least in my mind), I am always pushing myself to do more (as evidenced by my ever expanding closet.) Dressing to me is an art form, and everyday I can create a masterpiece; but an artist needs the right tools. However, I shall not let the lack of money in my Coach wallet get me down! I have become an extremely thrifty shopper. Literally. I live near several amazing thrift stores. I've found (and sometimes even purchased) Moschino, Rock and Republic, Donna Karen, Perry Ellis, MaxMara. I admit I am a bit obsessed and have way more dry cleaning than a normal twentysomething should have. I also frequent off price, outlet, vintage and consignment stores. Here I can get the tools I need to create my masterpieces.

I want use this blog to showcase, explore and define/refine my personal style and to also write about fashion news and that interests me.

This is just a glimpse. Keep reading!

Mlle. Antoinette

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