My Holiday Wishlist

I think my first real post should be about my Holiday Wishlist. Lucky for you all my birthday and Christmas are right around the corner from each other. So what you don't get me for my for one, you can get me for the other! 1) First up: Magazine Subscriptions to Harper's Bazaar, Lucky and InStyle. These are my favorite publications that I am too cheap to get subscriptions for myself. In print and digital please.

2) Everything from the Target / Neiman Marcus collection.

Ok. Well not everything. But this Oscar de la Renta bag.

And this Tracy Reese Shirt in Medium or Large

Even more gifts after the break!

3) A silk / satin robe a la Blair Waldorf

Requirements: Knee length, girly, satin / silk, pale blue or pink, white or cream. 3/4 or long sleeve (kimono preferably). Something like this (style-wise):

4) Elie Saab Parfum. I sampled it one day in Neiman Marcus and feel in love. This perfume is going to make me cheat on No. 5. Sorry Coco.

5) A designer iPad case. Are they "better" than a non-designer one? No. Are they prettier? Yes! Do I own a iPad. No yeeettttt. I'm preeeeettty picky (and in actually I'll probably buy my own case) but these are one's that I like:

This one by Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Dreamy Logo Neoprene iPad Book

Orrrrrr this one. Especially this one:

Marc by Marc Jacobs Eazy Tech Stripey Lips Tablet Cover

Or this more understated McQ Case

McQ - Alexander McQueen iPad Case

But I like this one the best. Kate Spade knows my life.

la pavilion ipad folio

6) I, for some strange reason, do not seem to own my favorite movies. Probably because I'd rather buy clothes with the extra money.

Mean Girls/Clueless

Who ever put these two movies together is a genius and deserves an award.

Mean Girls/Clueless (Whatever Edition) (2 Discs) (Widescreen)

Sex and the City 1 & 2 (which should be bundled... ahem!)

Sex and the City: The Movie (Widescreen) (Dual-layered DVD)

Now get to shopping!

Mlle. Antoinette

p.s. I also accept Starbucks and Target gift cards.

#Holiday24 To My Surprise

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